Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All,
1) Multiple sellers were recently suspended and asked for ID like by a new account after changing their billing credit card. This is happening to recently opened accounts that are already selling for a few months. This seems to have happened mainly to accounts outside the US.

2) On newer accounts, with reserve where you can request disbursements daily, it now tells you how much will be available if disbursed before you request it. It used to be you’d see the full amount and only find out how much you get after you had requested it. (HT AE)

3) “Amazon Ad KING” Joel Wolh is offering ASGTG members a free Team Viewer analysis of their ad campaigns. His company Boutique Seller has built “1000’s of successful campaigns using extensive proprietary software that will give your account the edge that it needs.” Mention ASGTG for 10% off your first month. Call, Text, WhatsApp Joel directly at 718.887.5799 or Email to get started. (sponsored)

4) Modified Language: “We have determined that your account is related to accounts that have written Amazon customer reviews for products that you have a financial interest in. This may include products that you or your competitors sell….Family members, close friends, or employees of a seller on Amazon may not write reviews for the seller’s items or negative reviews for items sold by that seller’s competitors. Sellers are not allowed to manipulate ratings, feedback, or customer reviews. Learn more about this policy in Seller Central Help ….If this continues, it may result in account deactivation.”

5) FBA listings that you close now relist after X days automatically. This is important if you have goods in FBA that you closed the listing and are planning on selling MCF (Drop shipping from Amazon). If you closed a listing for a RO issue, make sure you opt out of this in stranded inventory. You can also edit automatic actions on top of the page. Please take notice. (HT MS)

6) There is a new Infringement type popping up. Infringement type: Piracy

7) “Product updates will see errors after June 12, 2019, for ASINs that do not follow the new Price Per Unit requirements.”

8) New: “Thank you for contacting us, I understand that your concern is regarding ASIN: B0XXXX, where buyers has posted 3 customer review, however only the content of 5 star and 2 star reviews are visible. I would like to inform you that as per the update Amazon guidelines, now Amazon is providing buyers the features that they can leave rating without giving any review.”

9) If you have an old inactive account that owes money, make sure the balance is cleared up. Owing money is a reason for an account to be suspended (even if inactive) and can suspend your main account for being “related to an account that cannot sell on Amazon.”

10) The notice team has been extremely slow and unresponsive to emails in recent weeks.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller


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