Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All

1) I closed the disposal order reform petition because Amazon, as of June 1st, had the feature (before the petition) we requested but hidden and no easy way to access. Very important! To access, click  / edit automatic settings / Click here to review or edit automatic removal settings. Update all as they default to disposal. Hopefully, this works and is moved to settings / Fulfillment by Amazon, and this major issue for sellers is at last resolved. I started a new petition to give Amazon positive reinforcement to implement FBA returns reform that will be fairer and just for ALL. Please sign and share as this is a major issue for most FBA sellers. (Important to sign and share in as many groups as you can)

2) There was a huge product review crackdown this week regarding offering some reward for leaving a review. Check your inserts and seller messages. Anything free in exchange for a review is no good, even if you didn’t ask for a positive review they think it’s implied.

3) There was an article about a major surge in interest of buyers with funds looking to purchase large Amazon private label businesses Contact, (Yael C), or visit the Fortunet website.( sponsored)

4) If you sell items under Used as new, you may suddenly get the BB when the NEW item is sold out. This may be causing the many used as new complaints as buyers do not realize that they are buying it as used. If this indeed happens, you can try explaining that in your POA that you sold it as used (good luck).

5) Ouch “We have suspended your selling privileges in the Amazon Renewed store for Apple products because you are not meeting our quality performance requirements. In recent test buys conducted by our team, your products were found to be out of compliance with our requirement for “use of only original OEM parts”. “

6) Amazon filed a lawsuit against a seller claiming they were selling counterfeit Valentino shoes. If you deal in this brand, double-check your supply chain. Please do not buy name brand items from sources that you cannot verify its authenticity. HT (AE)

7) “Your Plan is not complete. Can you let us know the reason you failed to proactively reach out to us when you were experiencing this issue? What immediate actions will you take if you encounter a similar case in the future?”

8) Huh? “Inventory in reserved status is currently not eligible for removal. Keep checking your inventory status and remove any items no longer reserved. We will also dispose of any inventory still in reserved status after 2020-07-30.”

9) If customs seized your goods for any reason, please contact me and may be able to advise remedies depending on the reason for the seizure.

10) Major reform. Amazon is now giving the qty they want to see on an invoice for inauthentic complaints which makes it much easier to comply. Also – “We will review your submission and you should expect a reply within 4-5 days”. Changed from 1-2 days. HT (OS)

Good Shabbos – Happy July 4th Weekend – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


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