Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All

1️⃣ PlayStation 4 controllers are being removed by Amazon under product safety violations (UK marketplace). SP bots were on overdrive this week with many False pesticides complaints as well as a lot used as new and expired complaints.

2️⃣ Is this the smoking meat?  and pictures of previous “purported” ASGTG events.

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4️⃣ “Due to new policy implemented due to Covid-19, allow at least 60 days from the customer return request date for the item to be returned to your inventory or reimbursed if eligible based on the reimbursement policy.” There have been shifts in timeframe for when you can ask for reimbursements so make sure you use an experienced reconciler.

5️⃣ “All Renewed products must be priced with a minimum 5% discount from the currently priced new ASIN equivalents on Amazon.” And Renewed cell phone devices and unlocked cell phones will be charged 2% on top of standard category referral fees. All other Renewed products will be charged 1% on top of standard category referral fees.”

6️⃣ The hammer continues to fall on SFP “Dear Seller, we are unable to reinstate your Seller Fulfilled Prime eligibility. We have taken this action to ensure a consistent experience for Prime customers regardless of fulfillment method. You are still able to fulfill orders through the Merchant Fulfillment Network or Fulfillment by Amazon. Thank you, The Seller Fulfilled Prime Team.”

7️⃣ “Thank you for submitting your plan of action. We reviewed your appeal and determined that the corrective action items you have listed have not been implemented. Please make sure all corrective actions have been completed and violating content has been removed to be in compliance with your plan of action.”

8️⃣ “We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your listings at this time. We cannot accept an order confirmation as an invoice unless it contains an order confirmation number and/or shipment tracking number, in addition to purchaser and supplier information.”

9️⃣ “We are contacting you because your shipments exceeded the available ASIN storage capacity that is provided for your account. To ensure that we best serve all customers and sellers, we have canceled these shipments.” This was definitely a mistake with shipments cancelled which should correct itself. If it was shipped it will be received as normal.

🔟 “On Friday, March 12, Amazon Canada received an order from the local government in Peel Region requiring us to temporarily close our YYZ4 fulfilment centre located at 8050 Heritage Road in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, effective March 13 at 12:01 a.m. ET. It is anticipated that YYZ4 will reopen on Sunday, March 28.”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller


  • Kerry says:

    Our products were removed too for being pesticides sold in used condition???! They are simple silicone colorful bands for holding objects! We had just ben chosen as a Women Owned Small Business to Watch for international Women’s Month and they take our product off? Really sad….

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