Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All

1) Amazon review team answered many questions regarding reviews and have been giving specific answers to popular questions surrounding reviews.  Amazon seems to have made real progress in recent weeks in defining what is and what is not within TOS. They also are being more forgiving and reasonable in certain situations for experienced sellers if they suspend you wrongly.

If an ASIN is blocked or account suspended, and you did nothing wrong you need to make your case convincingly and show proof your legitimate (i.e. 8 years on Amazon, 12 employees, never suspended, etc.”). If you tried that and your account is still suspended, and they stopped responding, you can try reaching out to me. I may be able to advise.

2) “Thank you for submitting your plan. Unfortunately, your plan is not sufficient because it resembles a plan you submitted for a prior appeal. Safety Complaint: “box was opened and ……” NEW

3) EzCloud’s Restocking System gives the data you need to make the right FBA restocking decisions. Easily compare to last year’s Q4 sales to forecast inventory needed for this year’s Holiday season. Email: or call/ text 315-925-6830 (sponsored)

4) Most sellers received this “Amazon has received a valid and binding legal demand from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) requiring that Amazon disclose the following information about your business in 2017:
• Contact information (name, address, and email)
• US Taxpayer Identification Number……
To comply with our obligations under the law, we plan to provide this information to the CDTFA by November 6, 2018.”

Please join the tax group in TG for most accurate info.

5) “We still need more information about your plan to address the reason why you provided invoices that appeared to be forged or manipulated. In particular, provide: –An explanation that justifies why you provided documentation which appears to be forged or manipulated; or –Evidence that demonstrate that you did not forge or manipulate the documents” NEW!

6) ASGTG annual event – voted the #2 Amazon Sellers show in the world will be Jan 30/2019. Much more details to follow.

7) Florence, NJ is quite backed up, for freight. UPS shipments no delays.

8) There seems to be a high amount of active accounts “under review” for various reasons. If you do a high amount of MF, check if you have a high amount of unshipped orders. If FBA, then check if you have a high amount of unresolved inauthentic complaints you did not send in invoices for.

9) This past week, as every week, multiple million-dollar sellers were suspended for not knowing basic Amazon rules discussed in the groups and summarized in the weekly e-mails.

If you know of a seller not yet connected to the ASGTG group and is not at least receiving the weekly emails, I highly suggest they join. It’s heartbreaking seeing the needless monetary loss caused by these suspensions. Avoiding most suspension is actually pretty easy if you follow the information discussed and reviewed in the weekly executive summary.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg


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