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Hello all

1 The process for ID verification has improved. There are issues of postcards not showing up, and when it does, the code is not working; Also, in some instances, USA is not on the drop-down; Some AH reps have said “If you did not receive a request for verification, it might be your already verified with the info they had;” Yet today there was a new batch of emails sent. This is the best place to ask your question.

2 “As a reminder, you are not allowed to enroll products which are manufactured by others. For your products to qualify for Transparency, they must be unique and genuine products manufactured by your brand. If you are not the manufacturer of these products, we will remove your brand from Transparency. See below for more information:”

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4. Child-safety team’s algorithms are hypersensitive. They are flagging anything related to school, plastic containers, and stationary for the CPC certificate. They are false+ for terms related to child/kid in the backend, causing the listing to be suspended – until the words are removed.

5. Amazon announced that SFP enrollment is returning. The SFP group is valuable.

6. Some items from NINJA are being delisted and held.

7. There were issues with updating PPC bids and adding new products to existing campaigns this week.

8. This keeps happening for no apparent reason. “your disbursements were withheld across your Amazon Accounts worldwide because we have become aware of activity on your Amazon EU account that is not in compliance with Amazon policies: the country of establishment of your business does not match with your registered business address. Please note that a failure to take action on your side might result in suspension of your selling account.”

9. If you give another seller admin access to your brand registry and they abuse it (by filing false complaints), the entire brand can lose BR access which is a very far-reaching consequence.

10. Amazon is removing brand names from search results on some PL brands.

11. Unconfirmed ASGTG exclusive. Prime day July 11-12.

Good Shabbos –Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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