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1️⃣ Amazon drastically reduced restock limits for many sellers on Monday and then the following days as well. Snap group on issue; Lots of suspensions for Drop Shipping, some for abusing other sellers, some for no known reason, some for related accounts, and so on; Suits were AWOL this week and not in the best mood at all; This is new details that highlight how large a seller is .

2️⃣ Seller Forums was in meltdown mode after it was announced that they would no longer be allowed to post/bash anonymously; Early pricing ends soon for #asgtg3.

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4️⃣ Strong words “Your reviews deemed abusive will not be reinstated because they do not comply with Amazon’s Community Guidelines. You can read more about Amazon’s selling policies on the Seller Central website. We would like to remind you that the account reinstatement is a one-time exception. The reason that we are reinstating your account is because you have taken meaningful action to bring your business in compliance with Amazon’s product reviews policies.”

5️⃣ “As part of the code of conduct, sellers should not attempt to damage or abuse another seller, their listings, or their ratings. This includes, but is not limited to, placing fake orders to hold a competitor’s inventory. What’s next? You received a warning as a result of your attempts to damage or abuse another seller, their listings, or ratings. This was a policy violation that negatively impacted your account health. “

6️⃣ “Hello, We are contacting you because you are selling or have sold over-the-counter (OTC) drugs or natural health products (NHP) in the Canada store. .. We will communicate an updated date for listings removal in the near future. Continue to ensure your listings are compliant with Health Canada requirements. Health Canada regulates drugs and natural health products and who can distribute scheduled substances, narcotics, and paraphernalia…”

7️⃣ “Good news: We are pleased to inform you that is now open to customers. As of today, you can sell your products on and reach new customers.”

8️⃣ “Your shipping privileges have been suspended for a minimum of 120 hours since the creation of this case, due to multiple instances failure to comply with Amazon’s safety policy. This suspension does not affect your ability to sell inventory that is currently in an Amazon fulfillment center. Shipments already in transit may receive additional problem notifications, but those would not result in an additional suspension.”

9️⃣ “I understand that you are contacting us regarding some buyers are making fraudulent purchases. I regret to inform you that Executive Selling Partner Relations is unable to act on these reports. They must be submitted through our Report Abuse form and reviewed by our dedicated investigations team.”

🔟 I spoke to Michal from fortunet on the state of exists, the importance of having a clear contract and more.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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