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Hello all

1️⃣ SP was quite empathetic early this week reinstating many escalations. They continued to struggle with many new obvious scam accounts listing & clearly not delivering; There is a new beta program for high volume sellers that seems promising where seller performance will work with sellers to resolve issues with clear and solid open communication. They are working out the kinks but so far it seems promising.

2️⃣ Some sellers have reported that in various scenarios buyers in .MX are able to buy items in Pesos that are not properly converting. So $39.99 items gets sold for 5% or less which is 39.99 in Pesos. ASGTG has long advocated for a cancel of pending FBA orders for such human glitches as it causes catastrophic loses. These “price errors” are getting shared on social media causing our sellers huge amounts of losses.

3️⃣ 75% of businesses overpaid on their past workers compensation premiums! If you are paying an annual premium greater than $40,000 annually, this service is for you. We strongly urge you to take advantage of this service. The service to review the policy is absolutely FREE. We only get paid if we get you a refund.  Please visit our website  and reach out to / 917-699-7593. (sponsored)

4️⃣ Newish. “For more information on balance and settlements, please refer to the Funds Withholding Policy “

5️⃣ “Hello all – the Selling Patterner did not provide any documentation required as per standard reinstatement path. The Selling Partner is appealing the suppression decision and providing the attached files as proof for his statement. For reinstatement of the ASIN, via the standard path, please find below criteria:
-The following documentation is needed:
– Pictures of the product and packaging showing mandatory markings; “

6️⃣ “We cannot accept a proforma invoice because it is not proof that a transaction has been completed .”

7️⃣ Walmart very strict with seller. “We were also informed by our Policy team that you will not have another chance to reinstate. If there are any issues after activating the account, you do not zero out your seller fulfilled inventory, or you attempt to add seller fulfilled inventory again, the account will be terminated with no option to reinstate. Please acknowledge this and confirm if you want to proceed forward with this option by responding to this email and indicating “I agree with these terms and will cancel my seller fulfilled side of the marketplace business” and we will engage on the next steps…”

8️⃣ Carriers are saying that Somerset-TEB9 warehouse is not accepting pallets until further notice.; The “your account does not qualify” error did not solve itself and is still a issue for many aged accounts.

9️⃣ “We found that your current selling account is related to a different selling account created in XXXXX that violated our Multiple Account policy.”

🔟 We no longer will be allowing any kind of transaction on TG unless via the proper group / bot as imposters have unfortunately not stopped (ie FAKE ED and more). For accounts on any platforms . All groups here.

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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