Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All

1️⃣ You can now dispute a Voice of the customer complaint if you believe it’s unfair (HT Amazon). There are rampant FBA fulfillment emails on condition complaints (your listings remain active). More (.CA/ .MX) Related account suspensions reinstated – some with no communication. Some listings remain open even after you close them. They close eventually and no need to open a case or get excited.

2️⃣ Amazon addresses the ASGTG alert on Nov 11 regarding shipments being split. “We are writing to notify you of an issue affecting you and a small number of other sellers. Between November 10 and November 12, 2020, some sellers who created shipping plans were incorrectly asked to send their shipments to between 4 and 11 destinations. This was due to a temporary system error that has since been resolved.”

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4️⃣ If you wish to transfer the trademark/brand to a new owner, you must do the following:
–file an assignment with the USPTO reflecting the transfer
–open a case on the brand registry platform and ask to add an additional brand owner/administrator (the one of the new owner) Yael C.

5️⃣ “Why is this happening? We have taken this measure because despite a prior warning, you have continued shipping age-restricted products without using a permitted Age Verification on Delivery (AVD) service. As required by Amazon policy, age-restricted products must be shipped using a permitted AVD service.”

6️⃣ “It has come to our attention that the tax identity information provided for your seller account does not exactly match IRS records. To ensure compliance with Amazon’s 1099-K policy, please provide your tax identity information within 30 days from the date of this e-mail. If you have not provided corrected tax identity information by that time, your Amazon selling privileges will be suspended.”

7️⃣ This is a phishing email Also @-Amazon (with a -)

8️⃣ “Dear Seller, Please read this email carefully. The information described below affects your ability to sell certain products. Why am I receiving this message? You recently received approval to sell Topicals products on Amazon. However, compliance requirements have changed and additional documents are required from you before you can list these products again. What does this mean for me? You currently may not sell Topicals products on Amazon. If you would like to sell these products, you can submit additional information for Amazon’s review and approval.”

9️⃣ A lot of asins are being flagged for PDP tampering. They are being very specific with which words they are unhappy with and requesting removal of that specific word which is a major reform from the past as you no longer need to guess. Please make the fixes on other listings with the same issue, even if not mentioned.

🔟 If Amazon is holding inventory and you appeal, they sometimes release it without notification. If your inventory is locked, check every day if you can do a removal order as they do not always send an email


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