Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1️⃣ This week, there were endless new suspensions, including related accounts, below 100 AHR (very common), unsuitable goods, confirmed counterfeit, and more; Suits were not in the best mood this week. This is a must-see documentary on Amazon selling; Please try to resolve no-impact notifications, as they seem to impact your account rating.

2️⃣ ASGTG24 is less than three weeks away, and the speaker lineup is outstanding this year. All info is here. Reply if you want to come with more than one person and want a discount code.

3️⃣ Tired of profit margins getting slim? Our friends at Feedvisor have a new revolutionary repricer – Feedvisor Essentials! Starting at just $100 a month, their patented AI algorithms empower sellers and private labels to maximize profits by winning the Buy Box at the optimal price while considering consumer price sensitivity. Their advanced system, backed by AI and machine learning, ensures effective repricing strategies to boost profitability and increase sales. Contracts are month-to-month, so you can be as flexible as you need. Set up a quick meeting with their team to learn more, or head straight to their website to start a 14-day free trial . Video with ED  (sponsored)

4️⃣ ……”and make sure your inventory has no listings that are not in compliance. Meaning that all your cosmetic products need to be 1) correctly labelled in the Product Detail Page and 2) correctly labelled in the product itself.”

5️⃣ “The ASIN was recalled from the catalogue and cannot be reinstated until all sellers have removed their inventory for this ASIN. Thank you so much for being patient and understanding.”

6️⃣ A new email that can work for brand approval,

7️⃣ Amazon will not remove seller feedback without a comment for any reason. This seems to be a copy of Walmart’s policy. I explain here how this is a potential issue.

8️⃣ “The invoice issued from supplier’s supplier does not include the items listed below.”

9️⃣ If you get a compliance request for a name brand, try the following. Go to the brands website as a buyer and ask them for the requested docs; they sometimes give you what was requested. If the brand says the request is not applicable, screenshot that and put that in the case.

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