Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All
1) Fair Pricing for face masks. “You have repeated violations of the Amazon Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy. As a result, you may no longer sell on, and your listings have been removed from our site. To appeal, you can reply to this email and provide a plan of action specific to the issue”. The sellers are not actually suspended so unclear if this is an error. There have been reports of some sellers being removed from certain ASINS and some not despite being the same price or lower. As of now, please keep prices for face masks reasonable to avoid violating this policy.

2) This was last Friday. “Dear Seller, The Buy Shipping Service experienced a technical issue this morning, which has been resolved as of 12 PM PST. Your Prime metrics and eligibility will not be impacted by this outage. If you have any questions, …… Thank you, The Seller Fulfilled Prime team .”

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4) There have been False-positive related account suspensions for new accounts even though literally dozens insist they do not have another account. No easy path to correct this other than escalations and to try to show you have no other accounts.

5) Stating on some notifications. “Confirmation that your inventory currently stored in our FCs has the same update that you indicate in your plan of action. a. If it does not, please create a removal request for this inventory to prevent further issues for customers.”

6) New team! “This is the Seller Voice Team from Amazon; I am part of the Amazon’s Inventory Planning team. We have identified that part of your supply chain process might be China dependent and in light of the Coronavirus outbreak effecting manufacturing and logistics in China, we are reaching out to you to understand its impact on your business operations and your ability to inbound inventory units for ASINs you are low on stock. Please let me know if there is a 30-minute timeslot that will work today or later this week… Looking forward to your feedback. SV Team”

7) This is fascinating and vindicates our petition of what ASGTG has been saying for 3 years.

8) The wholesale and distressed goods ASGTG groups have been popping with dozens of deals daily that are seen and emailed to thousands of 3P sellers. If a dealer offers you a “deal” and you’re not sure you trust the supplier, deal or if his invoices will be accepted by SP, have the vendor post in the wholesale group (or you post and say this was offered). This will allow you to vet the deal / Vendor with 1000s of other sellers. It also opens the possibility for other sellers 1) to leave feedback (only seen by me but I remove bad actors) 2) to warn you of potential pitfalls (i.e., Supplier selling inauthentic goods, if the brand files IP complaints, if your buying suspect goods, etc.)’. These and other measures offered in the group will drastically reduce headaches later on including lowering the chance of suspension.
Distressed Goods 

9) After a review of ASIN: XXXXXX, the concerned department has informed us that only Amazon retail and other pre-authorized sellers are allowed to list against the luxury beauty brand “Philosophy”.
Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


  • Kate says:

    Hi! I read your cbs article out today. On the masks, have sellers been suspended since the writing of the blog post? Your blog says they haven’t been. I’m curious if amazon actually suspended. Thanks!

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