Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello all

1️⃣ There are various scenarios with the error many are receiving related to “ASIN using a UPC not associated with the brand”. I created a TG group for this issue that is very active; more speakers added to ASGTG23 9th sellers event. Suits were in a pretty good mood this week.

2️⃣ There were missing payments reported to those that switched to express payout, so check your deposits. This was discussed here.

3️⃣ Learn the latest in consumer behavior
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4️⃣ “We will continue to keep your Amazon seller account deactivated to prevent harm to our customers, other selling partners, and our store. We will not consider your submission if your request does not provide evidence that you will no longer pose a risk.”

5️⃣ Walmart “Your account has been suspended due to a violation of Walmart competitor fulfillment and/or packaging policy. Please note that you are still required to handle all customer service-related matters for Walmart during your suspension, and all open orders must be shipped by their Expected Ship Date (ESD) with valid tracking”.

6️⃣ Direct link to contact counterfeit crimes unit.

7️⃣ Aggressive tactic by an international seller.

8️⃣ “Hello, We have considered your request for reinstatement of the following product(s) and after careful review have determined that the product(s) does not meet the criteria for reinstatement:….
If the product is changed XXXXX from XXX please create new asin. This product has been identified as a toy, imitation, look-alike firearm, or look-alike firearm part that cannot be sold on Federal law prohibits the sale of certain toy, look-alike, and imitation weapons that do not have required markings. Amazon policy requires that sellers comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.”

9️⃣ There is an endless flow of related account suspensions. Some stem from old or outdated business name and address information (i.e., an employee sets up your account and then leaves and opens his own account. His information remains on your account and then connects you)

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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