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1) “We are contacting you because your listings below may not match the detail page description and are at risk of being deactivated.” New!

2) IMPORTANT: Be very careful and double check when sending expensive inbound shipments to do it under correct ASIN. Otherwise, it and can cause big complications and stress.

3) Returns Worldwide can take care of the headache of processing your Amazon returns, in bulk or through removal orders. For more information please visit their website or email: or call 732.313.0855.  (sponsored)

4) Amazon made some updates on TM policy  “Parallel Import: Amazon does not accept notices directed to parallel import claims in the United States.” And “Note: Abuse of the notice submission process, which includes but is not limited to impersonating another brand, tampering with product detail page language, and repeatedly reporting sellers who are not infringing, will not be tolerated. Rights Owners who are found to be abusive may lose their selling privileges.”

5) Be Careful of shipping changes that will be in effect from Dec 15th to Dec 31st.
“Starting the week before Dec 25th, certain carriers will increase standard transit times for some ship methods. This could result in the unavailability of these ship methods in Buy Shipping for orders where the extended standard transit time is outside of the customer promise delivery date. Please work directly with your carriers to understand which ship methods will be impacted and plan ahead to avoid any issues with your holiday orders.”

6) New Language with related account suspensions: “Why your account is related to multiple fraudulent and blocked accounts — Why your account should be reinstated — How you intend to avoid relationships with risky sellers moving forward.”

7) TIP : Go to “add a product” and type in product name along with brand. Find the relevant product, click “show variations. “Then open a case under Products & Inventory –> Product Page Issue –> Merge or Split.
Choose “Split” and put in all the hijacked ASINs (though five should suffice) with a small explanation of what’s going on, and the listing will be fixed pretty quickly. Almost never had an issue and have done this a hundred times. IMHO, it’s by far the best support team on Amazon, they do what they’re supposed to, and they do it quickly (10-30 minutes). Remember to follow up every so often because the seller will most likely merge the listings again (and again). Just keep reopening the case – no need to write all the details again – and it will be fixed quickly each time. (HT Juda B)

8) New language: “Any new selling accounts you open will be closed. We took this action because of the discrepancies with your address on file, per Removal Console. It is against FBA policy to manipulate/change your Removal Console address to initiate reimbursement. Additionally, we noticed you’ve submitted duplicate claims about the carrier delivering to the wrong location/leaving it on the street.”

9) “We are writing to let you know we have removed your selling privileges, canceled your listings, and placed a temporary hold on any funds in your seller account. Any new selling accounts you open will be closed. During an audit of shipment XXX we found unsellable inventory in lieu of what was included on the shipment plan.”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg


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