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Hello all

1️⃣ SP has been doing video calls for IP complaints, inauthentic and other non-verification issues and I did a small video with some suggestions.; The discussion for the By Amazon seller event is here ; Some sellers are passing verification on the video calls but then the funds do not get released even after a confirmation that they passed verification; Suits were very busy with the event and did not answer many escalations; The Canadian BB issue was just fixed.

2️⃣ “We’ve made the difficult decision to prohibit the sale of customized checks in the US Amazon store. Amazon policy now prohibits the listing or sale of customized checks on All customized check offers must be removed from the Amazon store within 60 days from the date this notification is sent. After the 60 days have expired, customized check listings will be blocked from sale on Amazon.”

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4️⃣ The “potential high pricing error “ bot seems to have been overly tweaked and many sellers have complained about this issue with no fixes coming from the suits thus far.

5️⃣ “if you sell Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) in Germany, you need to prove compliance with their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations for Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) by the end of this year. Otherwise, on January 1st 2023, Amazon will be legally obliged to suspend their non-compliant listings. The registration process may take more than 10 weeks, so we advise Selling Partners to start the registration process as early as possible. “

6️⃣ From a concerned ASGTG member “ Was speaking to AH and they told me the way to reach the appeals team is to click on the appeal button of the actual asin and next to there is a call me now button.”

7️⃣ “As stated in our previous communications, our decision to terminate your Associates account is final. Any further requests to review your account for reinstatement will not receive a response. It is important that you immediately stop using the Content and Amazon Marks and promptly remove from your Site(s) and delete or otherwise destroy all links to the Amazon site, all Amazon Marks and all other and any other materials provided or made available by or on behalf of us to you under this Operating Agreement or otherwise in connection with the Program.” A few accounts have been closed for what seems like false positives.

8️⃣ “New listing restriction rules can be rolled out and enforced, even if sellers had previous sales with said product. Policies and rules change, and it is part of sellers’ agreement with Amazon to always comply with these updates.”

9️⃣ There have been Hazmat storage cuts across the board without any notification.

🔟 “We received a retraction from the rights owner for the complaint below. As a result, we removed listing restrictions and the Account Health policy violation record for the following content.”

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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