Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All

1⃣ “We removed your selling privileges because there was an outstanding balance on your selling account for at least 18 months and your account was credited to clear this outstanding balance.” Sellers have gotten this notice on their UK account.

2⃣ Your whole account will get shut down if your buyer account commits fraud.

“A thorough review of your account indicates that you have claimed reimbursement for various reasons in most of your orders. An immediate effect, proceed to close your account and will not be able to buy more on our platform.” 

3⃣ This is new.

“We can no longer accept Amazon Non-Verified Purchase reviews for this ASIN because we detected unusual review behavior on this product and therefore are allowing only Verified Purchase reviews of the product at this time. An Amazon Verified Purchase means that the person writing the review purchased the product at Amazon and did not receive the product at a deep discount. There is no limit on Amazon Verified Purchase reviews.”

4⃣ Many sellers received e-mails Amazon. More updates to follow.

“Amazon has received a valid and binding legal demand from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) requiring that Amazon disclose the following information about sellers to the DOR:
To comply with our obligations under the law, we plan to provide your information to the DOR by January 26, 2018. Because each seller’s business and tax needs are unique, we encourage you to consult with a tax advisor to answer any questions you may have.”

5⃣ On the resource sheet on the ASGTG website, you can now suggest an edit of an existing vendor, recommend a new one be added and leave a review of a past experience with a company. The reviews will be kept private for the admins to decide who stays and who gets removed. Please only suggest providers that are highly competent and does not damage the trusted ASGTG brand.

6⃣ When creating new shipments sellers got this message “This product is overstocked and unlikely to sell. Remove the product from the shipment to proceed.” (HT SR)

7⃣ “When you create shipment thru Amazon to send the product to FBA your not required to put in the box size, but if you do put in the box size, the price goes up dramatically. When you create an order of more than 15 boxes, you have to upload via an excel sheet and FedEx requires to put in box size, so shipping is higher cost. I think change is coming, Amazon will require box size soon” (HT ASGTG diehard)

8⃣ xSellco, who will be joining us at our upcoming ASGTG event Feb 22, is still looking for five sellers, not yet sold on Walmart who are interested in on-boarding to Walmart, to take part in a Pilot test of the xSellco Helpdesk to Walmart integration. They will give sellers approved to take part, 50% discount on their first 9 months’ subscription. E-mail

9⃣ Many larger sellers have reported that 99.9% of their seller feedbacks have been removed. IMO this is a just a technical glitch, though the seller community is speculating a significant change in seller feedback may be looming.

Good Shabbos, Ed Rosenberg


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