Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All

1⃣ First comes “Within the next 3 business days, we plan to contact you by telephone at the phone number listed on your selling account to discuss how you plan to resolve these concerns and prevent future complaints. Please expect our call sometime between 7am-3pm PST.”

If you do not pick up when they call, they send this message: “Hello, You currently may not sell on because we received complaints about the safety of your items listed below. We attempted to reach you by phone today to discuss how you plan to address these concerns and prevent future complaints.” Please try to pick up in this situation.

2⃣ ASGTG Exclusive! If you received a RO from – this is a confirmed fake RO complaint by someone impersonating as the real RO. Mojang files Ro using the mojang .com domain, and they are very reasonable.

3⃣ APC Postal Logistics is a leading consolidator and distributor of international parcels. As a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW) and through the use of direct international postal delivery options, APC opens the global marketplace to clients in over 200 countries. – – 732.233.9431. ( sponsored)

4⃣ New: “Please note that moving a restricted product listing to Out of Stock (OOS) does not make the listing compliant. Failure to properly close or delete all restricted product listings from your inventory may result in the removal of your selling privileges. If you think your product was incorrectly identified as a restricted product on Amazon, close the listing immediately, to ensure compliance while you appeal the restriction with Seller Support.”

5⃣ Some Sellers received this “We recently discovered an issue that caused a portion of the clicks you received between December 28, 2017, and January 5, 2018, to be excluded from your advertising reports for Sponsored Products. As a result, your account was not charged properly for all the clicks you received during this period.”

6⃣ From a concerned NJ resident “Please remind everyone in NJ to update their sales tax rate on seller central. The NJ sales tax rate went down to 6.625% from 6.875%”

7⃣ “We have determined that your account is related to accounts that have written Amazon customer reviews for products that you have a financial interest in. This may include products that you or your competitors sell. Family members, close friends, or employees of a seller on Amazon may not write reviews for the seller’s items or negative reviews for items sold by that seller’s competitors. Sellers are not allowed to manipulate ratings, feedback, or customer reviews.” This is serious and if it continues, 100% suspension.

8⃣ “In late Q1 of 2018, Amazon will begin archiving orders created before 1/1/2016. After this change goes into effect, archived orders:
Will not show up in any of the existing order reports.
Will not be returned by the Orders service.
Will be available in a new archived orders report.
We will make a more detailed announcement when the changes are finalized. If you have an application that uses old orders, you should plan to use the new archived orders report after this change goes into effect.” HT NS

9⃣ SP started asking for invoices in used as new / Not as Advertised complaints. This is new. They also seem to be bundling a lot of ASINS together in ASIN complaints. (seems odd, some asins do not seem to have issues)

🔟 We have continued to implement many new features on our online database of Amazon vendors, on our website.  The companies attending the upcoming ASGTG event, on Feb 22  are the “featured vendors”. Vendors are now also able to be featured in up to 3 categories.

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