Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All.

1. There has been a rash of hackings of Amazon Seller accounts. The hackers are changing bank accounts and then deleting the account revision emails. They also “read” the notification flag so there is no way to easily tell your account was changed. Once the settlement goes out of account, it’s a major situation to stop the funds (You will have a window to reverse it, so if it does happen, escalate everywhere to stop it). The simplest way to prevent this is to turn on 2 step verification on your sellers account. Settings: Login Settings: Advanced Security Settings:

This is a very real concern over Yom Tov as sellers will not be attending their account for long stretches at a time. Another obvious precaution is to check account deposit info the day before settlement date.

2. The agenda pretty much complete for April 27th. Workshop will be 1-4. Main event / Lavish Dinner 4-10. Its Amazons Largest Sellers, 5 mastermind speakers, and top shelf vendors right here in Brooklyn, NY.

3. If you are doing retail arbitrage. There are 2 major concerns.

a. Receipts are not valid because they normally do not closely match the item on the listing.
b. if you get even one Rights Owner and Amazon assumes your selling infringement type items (ie name brands), Amazon tosses you even if you get retraction and all.

Therefore, while it is untrue (IMO) that amazon has a grand plan to disallow this practice on the site, the reality is if you’re selling a brand name item, you risk rights owner (RO) emails. Amazon then notices you’re selling infringing type and they make it very difficult for you. You need to make sure you have permission to sell every item you post on Amazon, especially new sellers. New Sellers need to be aware of this urgent concern. Brands either are sending their items to FBA themselves (which is not much of a skill), or do not want it on Amazon. Long term the most viable strategy is obviously Private Label as there is not much need for a reseller these days since all your doing is shipping It to FBA, which they can do as well. (I know there are many exceptions, I’m just saying where the puck is moving).

4. If you are suspended once or twice and the POA worked then, sending the same one again and again thinking “hey it worked last time” is not a great strategy. They do not want the same promises you didn’t keep.

5. Alert – I spoke to Jeff Cohen about the opt out email options buyers have for receiving messages.

6. Please no double posting. There is an Amazon Vendors group that focus on Vendor Central / Express which is very needed if your Vendor –

7. EZ Cloud has expanded features for its auto-responder . (great for Yom Tov)

8. Amazon.UK warned a seller they will suspend about NON-VAT after receiving a complaint from the UK govt.

Good Shabbos!
Ed Rosenberg / (spreadsheet now on site)


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