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Hello All,

1) Emails from NASD are generally brands claiming the item is not as described, via a test order or some other way. You will need to submit a clear invoice, from a good source, and anything else that can convince them the item is real and as described. If you receive an email that your listing items that do not match the listing details, these normally are not from standard customer complaints. Rather, from the brand or some other external source.

2) Happy to announce the 4th annual, ASGTG meetup 2018 on Thursday, February 22, 2018. Details to follow.

3) Our friends at have rolled out several additional features to check out before Q4. They include an easy-to-use multi-channel listing, an FBA restock system, a jet/WM Repricer. The repricer also automatically takes care of any listing that was unpublished due to price. an auto-replying. There’s a new program for UK sellers that auto-replies to customers asking for invoices and adds the vat. Contact Ezcloud.

4) Amazon has started asking for government ID of the person on record after certain suspensions or various other scenarios. The verification is nothing like UK verification. It normally gets approved in a few hours.

5) Many sellers have been looking for a method of matching reviews to orders. has an extension that can accomplish this. We’re planning an interview with them over the next few weeks. Use code ASGTG20 for $20 off. 

6) When sending in any documents to Amazon, the default for dates is not understood as mm/dd/yyyy. You need to let them know the format so they do not make an error in mixing up months and days.

7) From Seller Fulfilled Same-Day Delivery Team:

“As a preparation for the upcoming holiday season (ie Halloween), we will move up the Same-Day Delivery Customer order cutoff time to 9 am local times on Halloween (Oct 31st). This means orders created before 9 AM will have a Same Day Delivery promise (Oct 31st) after 9 AM they will have a Next Day delivery promise (Nov 1st).” ( Thanks JG)

8) On RO emails, they changed some language to

“Provide Proof of product authenticity (e.g., invoice or Order ID). Please ensure that your proof of authenticity clearly proves that your products do not infringe on the intellectual property of the rights owner”.

9) On Jeff escalations, they now respond with “ Dear Mr. / Mrs. Name of person”. ( Thanks, Jeff! )

10) “Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on Amazon of blunt forced striking weapons adapted for the purpose of inflicting physical injury.”

11) The Private Label Movement 3-day virtual summit hosted by Kevin Rizer is from Oct. 30 until Nov 1. You can view the list of speakers or register for free.

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos


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