Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

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1) Amazon sent this email by mistake to all toy sellers:

“We are writing to let you know that your seller account does not currently meet some or all of the following Holiday Selling Guidelines for the Toys & Games store this holiday season…”

They meant to send out an email stating the higher metrics required to sell Toys during the holiday season. They sent an apology email shortly after.

2) If you register for VAT, without any intention of paying back taxes owed to the VAT, you will eventually be suspended again for failing to comply with HMRC. Filing for VAT in this scenario is just a temporary fix. It’s not a long-term solution. Unless you pay all the back taxes, HMRC says you still owe. They are not offering any payment plans. The Vat letters/ suspensions have been discussed in the Amazon.UK group. To join, please enter your email, on this form.

All VAT experts I have spoken to agree that it makes sense for HMRC to offer a settlement of some sorts to foreign FBA sellers considering the once in a lifetime situation that unfolded with FBA this past decade. Please sign the petition as it explains how HMRC, Amazon Sellers, and Amazon shoppers all win VS the current situation of everyone losing which seems to be the HMRC vision. Use #HMRCWorkWithUS when sharing on social media.

If you are looking for a software to calculate VAT owed, I have spoken with the developer of Cross-Border Vat. This is a new software that helps online retailers track and monitor EU tax liabilities by country and currency. (mention ASGTG for discount & priority service)

3) I discussed buying/ selling Amazon accounts with Mark Daust from Quiet Light Brokerage.


  1. What should an owner focus on most if they are thinking of selling in one to two years?
  2.  What should be analyzed before they start looking to buy an Amazon business?

4) The incredible Kevin King has agreed to join us again at the next ASGTG event, in Brooklyn, on event Feb 22. Premium Earlybird Tickets available. 

5) Tip: “When uploading pictures to Amazon, if you put a square picture you get more real-estate on the page. A standard picture is a rectangle so you’re losing valuable space on the page. Also, on mobile devices when the picture is a bit bigger it makes a big difference” HT ASGTG diehard.

6) Tip: “I have seen some surprising success with eBay promoted listings. It allows you to choose a % of the sale that you are willing to pay eBay, They only charge you if the product actually gets a sale.” HT Ray B

7) The easiest way to do two-step verification (2sv), is to download an app called ‘google-authenticator’. Scan the barcode, the app will generate code, then select ‘don’t ask for this device again’. They force you to put in a number as a backup. You can select no need to verify if you do not want the main account holder to receive a text for each user on the account.

8) Amazon will very often ask for invoices for items even if you never sold any or never had any PQ issues. Do not ask if it’s a mistake. It is not. They are randomly selecting items and probing your inventory to verify that they are backed up by proper invoices. You can’t sell anything without valid invoices or convincing receipts.

9) Mentioned many times but worth repeating. Even if you signed an exclusive with a manufacturer for a line, that does not mean someone selling the item is infringing on the IP. It depends on the situation. Sometimes the IP complaint may be valid. As a general rule, not being “authorized” does not make a valid IP complaint. Furthermore, many “counterfeit” complaints are being backed up with substantial evidence by the RO. Do not always assume you’re not actually selling counterfeit just because the source is your friend. If you sell counterfeit by mistake, it’s still counterfeit.

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