Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All

1) Updated list of topics that will be covered at Kevin king mastermind event at SmartSpaceUSTOMORROW, October 4th, 2018:

a) A baker’s dozen of hacks that will blow your mind (worth the price of admission alone)
b) Kevin’s favorite Chrome Extensions for Amazon sellers
c) The power of some special words in the United States

2) There seems to be a crackdown on Apple and LG counterfeit complaints. These are very different from the standard inauthentic complaints from customers. These are brands “verifying” through test buys, lawyer letters or other means that the items are counterfeit. Very important if you sell Apple type items to be able to provide the complete supply chain docs or consider not selling them.

3) There has been an increase of “code of conduct” suspensions. This can happen for many reasons including fake docs, multiple related accounts, multiple counterfeit complaints.

4) “We removed some of your product detail pages because of a rights owner complaint. The pages we removed are at the end of this email. The rights owner claims that certain metered print cartridges are not eligible for resale, which is indicated on the product packaging. “

5) “We noticed that you recently submitted a large volume of lost-inventory and damaged-inventory reimbursement requests in a short period of time.
We want to remind you that submitting insufficiently researched or premature reimbursement requests, submitting high volumes of requests in a short period of time, uploading excessive amounts of data repeatedly, and otherwise using our services in an excessive or unreasonable way are prohibited under our policies.
If these reimbursement requests result in a high rate of declined cases, we may make changes to how your reimbursement requests are processed. Those changes may include sending your requests to investigators for further research, delaying decisions on your cases.”

6) “To sell on again, please send us a plan that explains

— You understand the violations reported against them.
— You have resolved the underlying issue that caused the complaints.
— You understand Amazon policies.
— You have put preventative measures to avoid the problem in the future.” New

7) “It has come to our attention that items shipped differing from the shipment plan were sent into Amazon fulfillment center on multiple occasions.” NEW

8) “We have confirmed that the invoices you provided for reimbursement requests were invalid. We have evidence that the invoice documents that were provided for reimbursements may have been altered prior to submission. This is a violation of Amazon’s Selling Policies. “

9) “Thank you for submitting your plan. Unfortunately, your plan is not sufficient because it resembles a plan you submitted for a prior appeal.
Your new plan must address why the previous plan was ineffective in preventing complaints, and how you will prevent additional complaints in the future. To be sufficient your plan must:
— Identify the reasons why the previous plan was ineffective.” New

10) “We have reviewed your reported notices of infringement and determined that the notices you have submitted to Amazon are invalid and/or inaccurate. As communicated, submitting false, misleading or consistently inaccurate notices of infringement violates our policies. As a result, future notices that you submit through our online notice form will not be processed.”

Welcome Back, Ed Rosenberg


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