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Hello All,

1) Amazon has now very clearly defined what can or cannot be done in message communication and product reviews. Please, see this informative and well-written link  especially bullet 4 (“Additionally, you are allowed to send one email per order to request a Customer Review.”). Amazon has been defining in recent months what is or is not within TOS. There is also a link to the updated product review TOS. (HT

2) The Mastermind event with Kevin King, was outstanding and TY to everyone who attended. (Pictures on  homepage of website ) All attendees should have received an email with the recording and slides. If you did not attend, videos can be purchased here. The screen shows the slides with Kevin King presenting in the corner simultaneously making it’s very easy to follow.

3) With Holiday season approaching, Demo This has a streamlined process for creating quality product videos that showcase the features and functions of your product. They come up with creative ideas to display your product. Mention Ed Rosenberg for 10% discount. Demo This  or (SPONSORED)

4) Sellers that have used Amazons Imaging service have received emails that they cannot update or remove the main image once this service adds the images.

5) If you did not forge an invoice and you’re suspended for a forged invoice, please never “admit” to doctoring just as a way to get reinstated as some do on other types of suspensions. If you did not forge, you need to insist they are wrong and request reinstatement. Also, they can suspend you for an old forged document if they ever catch you. It is not always the most recent invoice submitted. Once you touch an invoice you’re fair game in their mind.

6) From a concerned ASGTG member. Lego seems to file counterfeit complaints when you list an item that is not LEGO but is similar in the feature. (They should really be filing copyright). They are very aggressive and file again and again even when overturned.

7) “Last Wednesday, September 26th, you received an email from us regarding the implementation of additional selling requirements for certain popular products in the Textbooks category.
Due to a technical error, some Sellers received a response from Amazon stating that we were unable to verify documents and that selling privileges would, therefore, be removed. Although this message was sent in error, no selling privileges were suspended as a result of this process. We apologize for the false sense of alarm.”
This was sent to many booksellers. The original email never was in performance notification. This email came from

8) “You relisted items that we removed because of authenticity concerns. As a result, you currently may not sell on Examples of these items are at the end of this email.” Rare.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg


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