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Hello All.

1. I started a new Telegram group called “Vet Deals”. (Telegram can be downloaded, from the app store to any device.) Its goal is to allow sellers to post deals and others will vet for potential pitfalls (no names of who is offering the deal, of course, just the deal). I expect this to be the most useful ASGTG group. Sellers can now find out if the same deal is being recycled to other sellers at different prices. It’s also a great group to ask for potential RO or other issues that may be concealed from you. This is the link to join.

2. Amazon seems to be actively warning or suspending sellers for invalid ASIN variations. To avoid this, please make sure you enter the right attribute in the correct field. They normally warn before suspending. Take those warnings seriously.

3. I Discussed Amazon Product Launching with Casey Gauss from Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Site.

Discussed with Casey:

  • What elements are most critical in building successful Amazon businesses?
  • What are the major mistakes Amazon sellers make when sourcing products to private label, and how to avoid them?
  • What are the biggest mistakes sellers make when trying to scale a private label business, and how to avoid them?
  • Is Amazon too saturated for newbies?

4. EZ Repacks is offering an exclusive free trial to all ASGTG group members for the first 100 products. (No commitment necessary) EZ Repacks is an Ez way to get your products professionally packaged and prepared for FBA. The trial applies to rebagging and creating 2-packs on any standard size product. Please mention ASGTG group to get the discount. Valid until September 4th. Contact them at or 732-666-9191.

5.Two tips from an ASGTG member:

1. The name of uploaded images, do affect the search results. Using names that include good keywords helps have the product come up in search results.
2. If you don’t want your competitor to know how much qty you have in stock, limit the max order qty per customer. For example, limit to 50. Edit product – offers – max order quantity. It also helps when your competitor has software making decisions based on your inventory. It blinds your competitor’s software.

6. This is a rare response. “Your previous responses still do not identify: Inventory already in FBA stock.” The POA must be sufficient for inventory that’s already in FBA.

7. “We are conducting a review of your seller account. During this review, your listings may not appear on our site, and you will not be able to transfer funds out of your seller account.” If the email includes a link, “click here for review”, this is a phishing scam. If you’re unsure if an email is real, post in phishing group.

8. It seems like many sellers have received invites to Vendor Central recently. The emails seem real; If you received one, I guess that’s good news.

9. When sending in inauthentic invoices, check if the company’s address on the invoice matches the address online. If the address on the invoices is different that when what’s available online, an explanation should be included. For example, some suppliers use PO box as the address on the invoice.

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