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Hello All.

1. Amazon.UK is only accepting EAA (European invoices or a letter of authorization from the mfr allowing you to sell in EU) as legitimate sources for perfumes. They only sent an email to some sellers and as of right now are only accepting EU invoices for past inauthentic complaints, even if issue took place before the policy went into place. This is, of course, insane, and I hope this policy changes soon. (It’s being worked on. I’ll keep you posted with updates.)

2. SellerSnap is offering 25% off the 1st month to all group members: Free trial, quick and easy set-up, no lengthy contracts. Discount valid until September 30th. Please mention ASGTG for the discount. Contact them at their website or (262) 735-5767. They are a new AI game theory repricer that uses your competitors’ repricing strategy to your advantage, achieving the highest buy box share at the highest possible price.

3. I spoke to James Thompson, founder of Prosper Show, about the Sales Tax Amnesty Program.

Discussed in the video:

  • The complications of sales tax liabilities for Amazon FBA sellers
  •  Sales tax nexus and the state’s recent Sales Tax Amnesty Program
  •  Avoiding devastating sales tax audits

There is an opposing view of this position. It will be shown in the coming weeks. There is no point in rushing to sign up for the Amnesty Program at this point.

4. I created a new ASGTG Telegram Channel with all the ASGTG resources. This is the link to join. (Telegram can be downloaded from any app store or the Telegram Website. )

5. If SP asks for invoices for ASINS you didn’t sell, during a suspension or review of ASINs , do not question it. Please submit them as requested. They sometimes pick random ASINs to see if you have invoices for your other items. They can’t ask for all items, so they pick a few random ones.

6. If SP says you listed a generic item against a branded page, send them invoices that clearly show the brand name on the description on the invoice. The first word of the description of the item should be the brand. It’s also wise to submit photos of the item with UPC showing the item is real.

7. Amazon is making it harder to open accounts, especially if you start listing branded items. I have been able to reinstate dozens of old beat up accounts that have been forgotten about. Many have great approvals that make the account worth investing to reinstate. If you have such an account and want me to quote, please fill out this form, with as many details as possible. Most of the cost will be on reinstatement if it gets back. If you are suspended for a high profile Rights Owner complaint I can especially help you.

8. Please, only post deals in the VET Deals Group that you’d like to have vetted by other sellers to find out if there is something they know about a deal you’re interested in. The information being offered can save you a fortune. If you want to sell a deal and you provide a real reason to sell, post in the Deals Group.  (Telegram can be downloaded from any app store or the Telegram Website. )

9. Screen shots of an online invoices will not be accepted as valid for inauthentic complaints.

10. “You are kindly informed that Amazon requires such quality standards, which must meet your selling privileges. Kindly note that the sale of all cellular phone chargers and laptop computer batteries and chargers on the Amazon website must meet specified certification standards. Since those standards are not meet with your metrics and this is the reason your listings are inactive and not shown on the detail page.” This is new.

Good Shabbos, Ed Rosenberg


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