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Hello All.

1. Amazon SP has been making phone calls to suspended sellers. Then they send a notification that they tried to reach out but was not able to get a hold of you. When they do get a hold of you, they basically repeat what the notification says and ask you to “resubmit a POA identifying the root cause” and invoices. I think they are only doing this for customer inauthentic suspensions. If anyone finds the call helpful please make me aware of this.

2. Many ASGTG members have used and recommended Boutique Seller Services for Amazon ads. Joel, their owner, and an avid ASGTG member guarantees results. Call 718.887.5799 or email

3. “Your account activity reflects unusual pricing in a period of emergency, which is unfair to our customers and prohibited by Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct. We reviewed your account further, and we have decided that you currently may not sell on “

4. Some sellers are saying that new items in the lighting category have become restricted. Existing items are still active as long as you do not edit the existing listing. Will provide more info as soon as I have it.

5. New:

The listing or sale of unlicensed or pharmacy only medicines containing the ingredient ‘Dimeticone’ is prohibited on Amazon.UK

6. I spoke with Listing Mirror. 

ASGTG Discount: 15% for first 12 months + $50 off setup


  • Why do Amazon Sellers need Listing Mirror?
  • What makes Listing Mirror preferable over other similar software?
  • What are future plans for Listing Mirror that ASGTG members would be interested in?
  • How long does it take to get started as a new customer with Listing Mirror?

7. This is new.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, we are implementing approval requirements for KORS by Michael Kors products in the shoe category. 

8. This is new.

This product has been identified as an electronic muscle stimulator or accessory. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on of electronic muscle stimulators and accessories unless they have been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter use.

9. If you receive an ODR suspension and get reinstated, your ODR will of course still be high. If your ODR improves and then you get suspended again because of one claim (your ODR still > 1%), it’s then ok to simply appeal by stating that your overall ODR is improving and they may reinstate you. They often do not see the big picture.


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