Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

1)  There was a major glitch with top-ranking products not showing up in search results. The issue is being resolved.

2)  Amazon sent the following correction email.

“Correction: Important information about your listings on Amazon
We recently sent you an email with the subject line “Important information about your listings on Amazon,” regarding listings in the Toys category.

This message was sent in error, so please disregard it. “

The correction itself was an error as the vast majority of sellers that received the correction email, did not receive the original email.

3) Many sellers are frustrated with the complexities of fulfilling orders with Amazon Vendor Central’s complex system. GoFlow has developed a seamless process to fulfill orders with Amazon Vendor Central and all other vendors requiring EDI. (i.e. Wayfair, Walmart vendor, Target etc.) Contact Ruben Werczberger or 917-476-0445 (voice, text, or WhatsApp) for a demo. (sponsored)

4)  From a concerned and devoted ASGTG member. “Amazon Lending will be increasing its interest rates on new loan offers extended after 4/11/2018. We will, however, honor the rate on your current loan offer, for a loan of up to ———— Hurry, the offer expires on April 21, 2018.”

5) “We cannot accept the documents you have submitted because they were sent via a third-party cloud-based sharing service. Please attach copies of invoices or receipts in Text files (.txt), PDFs (.pdf), Excel documents (.xls, .xlsx), or image files (.jpg, .png .gif, .tiff, and .bmp) directly to this email. The total allowed attachment size is 10MB.”

6) “— Item descriptions (for ease of our review if you can highlight or circle the items for a quicker review)”. This has been showing up in some communication since December. This is part of continuing effort by various teams within Amazon working on improving communication with sellers.

7) Free ASGTG ticket to next event if you correctly explain the difference between the two. Use this form. 

  1.  “Amazon has suspended your account. Please refer to the email from Amazon to learn more about the status of your account.”
  2. “Amazon has removed your selling privileges. To find out how to appeal this action…”

8) This odd and likely a glitch ( “If the rights owner agrees to retract the complaint, they must send the retraction to us at— Proof of product authenticity (e.g., invoice or Order ID). Please ensure that your proof of authenticity clearly proves that your products do not infringe on the intellectual property of the rights owner. Please send this information, any other documentation, and a list…

9) VAT suspended accounts can and should be reconciled for discrepancies. I am offering it as a service. There should be others on the resource sheet that can do it, but definitely should be done. As time goes on, you lose the opportunity to reconcile as various discrepancies have time limits. The money does, of course, get dispersed.

10) Invoices in .tiff format do not seem to be accepted, even though in emails it is listed as a valid format to submit.

Ed Rosenberg – Good Shabbos!


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