Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1) TIP For finding reviewers names: Click on an Amazon review that was verified, but the name was labeled as “Amazon Customer,” you can simply click on them, access their wish list, and add something to your own cart from their wish list to see information about them. With a few simple clicks, you can find names and cities of random people with wish lists. (HT RB)

2) ASGTG bot continues to be fine-tuned to enhance the user experience. New users to any group are now restricted to post for 24 hours. The resource sheet has many more enhancements. It is now much easier to search, add vendors, filter by reference, leave reviews etc.. New features are being worked on.

3) I spoke with Payability, who sponsored our recent event. They offer financing to help increase cash flow at a discounted rate of 1.75% (normally 2%) and a $250 sign on bonus. Visit their site to sign up. Sellers exceeding 50k monthly in Amazon sales may qualify for even bigger discounts. (Sponsored)

4) TY AVASK Accounting for sponsoring this video summary of Amazon Sellers Group TG ASGTG event 2018.

5) New: “This product has been identified as a card skimming device.”

6) New warning: “When your order defect rate is higher than 1%, your selling privileges are in jeopardy of being removed and may result in you not being allowed to sell on”

7) Many sellers received an email out of nowhere stating that their Amazon loan is in default even though it was not. They then received a follow-up. “As you may be aware, an email was sent to you mentioning a default on a loan with Amazon Lending and a hold being placed on your FBA inventory. Please disregard this notice as it was sent in error and any hold has been lifted from your account.”

8)  “We believe that you have not offered customer service in the official language of the sales site. sellers are required to offer a customer service in Spanish unless the buyer requests assistance in another language.” Very rare.

9)  This is new: “I understand you are requesting us to review the documents you sent again. Upon review, we are not able to approve your application and request that you submit another invoice. The invoice that was submitted is self-issued. Moving forward, we request that you submit another invoice that reflects an itemized list of goods purchased and the terms of sale.”

10) ASGTG Exclusive!!!!! seems like a fake an abusive rights owner. Domain name dead and emails bounce back. I am still investigating.

11) “Our records indicate that you have not re-enrolled your brand in the new version of Amazon Brand Registry, launched last year. We will deprecate the prior version of Amazon Brand Registry on May 31, 2018, which may lead to a decreased authority over product listings on Amazon with your brand name and the removal of your ability to list products on Amazon without GTINs, UPCs, or EANs. If you are a seller who enrolled a brand in Amazon Brand Registry prior to May 2017, you must re-enroll your brand in the new version of Amazon Brand Registry to avoid any disruption in service.” (HT YC)

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