Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

1) Some new seller feedback is not showing up on accounts. It is still being counted on the feedback score. The issue is being corrected by the appropriate teams.

2) Recently there have been suspensions for having a lot of “used as new,” “incomplete,” “not as advertised” complaints. They seem to be coming from seller feedback, and FBA returns. Please check the notes/messages on the FBA returns for clues.

3) Baby gift store on Instagram @thegiftedbabyny  (or call 347-623-3729) for corporate/personal baby gift packages in all price points, wrapped and shipped with a note. (disclaimer ED’s Wife)

4) New: “We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we determined that you may be able to sell on Amazon no earlier than XX-XX-2018.” For review suspensions, they use this language when / if reinstated. If your waiting for a response, not much you can do to expedite this.

5) New: “First, please ship any open orders as quickly as you can to ensure customers receive their items on time and to avoid further impact to your Late Shipment Rate.
Second, determine why orders were ship confirmed late, make certain that the issue causing late shipments is resolved, and put measures in place to ensure you are able to ship confirm on time.” HT Amazon – For clearer language. TY 

6) Important. Do not do any removal orders of items (when they offer free removals) if you plan on replenishing within the next 90 days (Aug 1). Even if you pull one back for pictures or even unfulfillable, there are no exceptions being made, and you won’t be able to replenish FBA.

7) AsinScout, inspired by the Deals Groups allows up to 5 active free listings on their seller to seller deal marketplace. Before posting on the deals group, you should try listing it there first and then post the link on the Deals group. It is very advanced. See it in action here and list your items for free. Any questions, please email for prompt assistance.

8) “We are writing to let you know we have removed your selling privileges, canceled your listings……………………We have taken this action due to multiple customer complaints that the products you sell through FBA do not contain the expected number of items. “

9) There has been more “code of conduct” suspensions. These are really hard and is Amazon’s way of saying “nice knowing you; you’re not for us. So long”. If this happens, think in terms of your inventory, counterfeit and check for lawyer letters in your messages or letters you may have received in the mail. They seem to be closely related to questions of your inventory. Also of course if you received multiple notifications for counterfeit RO.

10) Overall SP does seem to be slower than usual responding to requests for information.

Good Shabbos, Ed Rosenberg


  • Are: #6 – I wish I had seen this last Monday. I accidentally removed 1 unit and now I’m locked out from sending in inventory until Aug. 1st. This will const me $250,000 in lost sales and ruin my ranking and momentum. This is serious !

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