Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1) “We are contacting you because it is has been more than 90 days since we took action on your account for the sale of inauthentic items. During this period, you have failed to successfully appeal for reinstatement. We previously informed you that we would withhold funds in your account if you did not successfully appeal. However, you may be able to recover funds held in your account if you demonstrate that the items sold are authentic.

Within the next 30 days, submit an appeal to We recommend you send unaltered documents that demonstrate the authenticity of your items. Please address all of the ASINs and violations that resulted in the removal of your Amazon listings.”

If you do not have an invoice of the item that they suspended you for, at least send them some invoices for other items that you have sold.

2) Amazon is sending many notifications from different platforms, most noticeable from .ca to .com. It is a glitch and will not read too much into that. The notifications are real.

3)  Demo This ( has a streamlined process for creating quality product videos that showcase the features and functions of your product. Submit your product then they’ll take over complete process including coming up with the idea. Sign up in the next 10 days and Mention ASGTG to receive a 10% discount. (sponsored)

4)  “You have submitted a high volume of insufficiently researched or prematurely submitted reimbursement requests to Seller Support.

One example of your behavior pertains to your frequent requests regarding FNSKU XXXXX We have previously notified you that this ASIN was ineligible for fees reimbursement in Case ID XXXXX…

As a result of your frequent and unwarranted reimbursement requests, your account will be suspended.”

5) Amazon has recently selected many apps for their new app store from our ASGTG resource sheet. There have been some updates / additions / deletions. Feel free to add new companies, suggest edits, or leave a review for the admins of any service provider or apps. Only the best, please. If you see anyone with missing contact info, please edit.

6) “We cannot accept retail documents as an invoice unless they include the correct items and quantities. We removed your listings for these items.”

7) Brand Ring has suddenly been gated.

8) “Based on your account profile and sales history of XXXXX products, we have identified you as the probable brand owner for XXXXX.

Would you please confirm if you are the brand owner for XXXXX ? For the purpose of this survey, we defined brand owner as any entity authorized to act on behalf of a particular brand.

Your response will help us to improve the Seller experience on Amazon.”

9) Here are most common phrases I hear from sellers on account suspensions. Funny!

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