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Hello All,

1) As of writing this, there is another major product review abuse crackdown. Sellers should check if they used any method to game the review system. Sellers also need to check the messaging on their account that no conditional language is used to lead buyers to leave reviews. It is better to err on the side of caution, especially at this moment.

2) “Hello, Thank you for writing. We appreciate your efforts to ensure that your selling activities are in compliance with our policies. We would like to inform you that it has been noted and will be taken into consideration in the future.” Newish.

3) “Deal Seller, We noticed you have Excessive shipping rates …”,

“Your shipping abilities have been suspended due to multiple instances of failing to comply with Amazon’s safety requirement. The most recent issue, “Shipping Box Overweight”, was found on shipment ID XXXXXX. The safety of our fulfillment center associates is extremely important; therefore, we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding these problem types. The images for this safety hazard can be found in your Seller Central account, on the problems tab of the shipment in violation.”

4) I spoke again with Tim from AMZalert. AMZalert has software that monitors dozens of aspects of Amazon listings.

AMZ Website  Exclusive ASGTG discount: 50% off discount for life with code “amz50off”



a. Why are there so many sellers jumping on my listings? What can be done? Is this the new way to sell on Amazon?

b. Is the best seller badge really that important?

c. What are the best practices to get negative reviews removed?

5) I started a Linkedin engagement group/pod for professional Amazon 3P Sellers/influencers.

Please only join if your comfortable sharing high-value content related to Amazon 3P Selling. The engagement/content will have to be real and not forced. This is not for business ads.

6) “This product has been identified as one that could produce or may be used as a real or replica government, law enforcement, security, or military or paramilitary badge, identification document, birth certificate, passport, license, uniform, or tag.”

7) New Telegram Barter Group.  To join ASGTG Telegram groups, enter your email on this form. 

This group is if you would like to barter any item you have or need. Post the item you need and what you can offer. Between all of us, we have everything a person can need and in some situations, it makes sense to Barter.

8) NEW. “We removed some of your listings because you may have improperly used trademarks you do not have the right to use on the product detail pages for your listings. The listings we removed are at the end of this email. Sellers on are not allowed to use trademarked terms on the detail page in a way that might lead their product to be confused with a different, branded product.” This seems like a mistake for some sellers.

9) “We reviewed the information provided. You may continue to offer these items on Amazon once your account gets reinstated.” This is when you’re suspended for more than one thing. This is an attempt for Amazon teams to better communicate (HT Amazon Leadership Team).

10) This is new by adding users. “Note: Although you can add users to your seller account, you can’t transfer your seller account, even if the business ownership changes. In that event, the new owner should establish a new seller account in their name.” What’s significant is “even if the business ownership changes”.

Good Shabbos, Ed Rosenberg


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