Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All,

1. Take note of this.

“Hello from Amazon, We are writing to let you know we have removed your selling privileges, canceled your listings, and placed a temporary hold on any funds in your seller account. Any new selling accounts you open will be closed…….. Specifically, our review found that you have repeatedly shipped less quantity than what was submitted on your shipment plan and have subsequently submitted reimbursement claims for the shortages…..We took this action because our reimbursements team found you’ve submitted a high volume of insufficiently researched reimbursement requests to Seller Support which is prohibited by FBA Policies.” 

FBA’s policies that can be viewed here. 

2. There is a very good phishing email with the following subject:

fwd: [CASE 4127966501] FBA shipment Missing!

This is a phishing email. Discuss these in phishing group (Telegram could be downloaded from the Telegram website or an app store)

3. You can now share an Amazon Sellers tip anonymously through this link.

4. The following notices are not new. “Your listing of XXXX has been closed due to a high rate of negative customer experiences.” Some Sellers have been saying that Amazon seemed to have tweaked the sensitivity of these notices and it takes fewer issues than in the past to receive this notice on an item. No POA required for these.

5. Important! If you receive a product quality email asking for a plan on an ASIN to avoid suspension of your account, you need to respond even if you’re ditching that ASIN. They say in the note that if you do not respond within seven days, you may lose your selling privileges. This is exactly what has been happening.  Make sure to respond to those emails with a plan. If you wait one minute before the seven days are up, that may be too late as the POA may not be reviewed on time.

6. Xsellco is offering us 20% off first three months and then 10% off after that. You can sign up here.

7. I was interviewed by Adam Hudson on general Seller Performance misconceptions. You can view it the video of it here.

8. The best way to contact Ed for suspensions, asins or even for a quick question is through this form on the website.

9. Please try to be on top of late shipping warnings as they are becoming less forgiving on these. They take these warnings very seriously.  In fact, if you receive such a warning, a LS suspension may be looming.

10. Amazon seems to be a bit less rigid on high profile brand infringements. You need to lay out your case and be persistent here.

11. Change in USPS coming Aug 1. The USPS will use the new Automated Package Verification (APV). Before APV, packages identified as having underpaid postage were rejected or delivered “postage due.” Once APV goes into effect, packages identified as having underpaid postage will be delivered without delay to the recipient and the amount of underpaid postage will be deducted from your postage account balance. When overpaid packages are identified, your postage account will be credited for the amount of the overpaid postage. Prior to APV, overpayments were not identified nor credited. (HT AS)


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