Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

1) Amazon will sometimes notice patterns in an email address and match it up to another unrelated account. This will only be one minor connection and not enough to fully connect you, but it can loosely match you. Do not use for example Yank613@gmail as that may connect you to Joel613@gmail if Yanky and Joel also have other areas of overlap.

2) Reports / Fulfillment / Customer Concessions / FBA customer returns. Customer return reasons are now clickable which gives you the return reason for FBA.

3) On or about July 3, dozens of relatively large sellers were suspended for

We have recently removed multiple listings from your seller account because we received reports that they were infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.

Clearly a crackdown on sellers with multiple infringements. As mentioned before, its best to deal with these retractions before you suspended rather than after. The majority that I am aware of seem to have been reinstated. Each case is different and depends on many variables if the seller is going to be reinstated. Furthermore, Amazon will sometimes make you aware of new RO complaints that were never previously in the notifications during the POA responses.

4) Please be on top of your customer service representatives and make sure they never mention anything to the buyer about removing a product review. This falls under review manipulation.

5) This is a new software which seems to have some useful and creative features for ASGTG sellers. The interview is coming soon.

6) Many US based sellers shipping to FBA in the UK are missing very large amounts of inventory and it’s extremely painful and slow to recover these losses. I have made some progress here and picked up some patterns, and I hope to have some real solution here eventually. If you are in this position or have insight into the process, please join the “missing UK inventory” group on Telegram. Please be aware that Amazon infamously will suspend for FBA abuse when you go after lost inventory in a manner they do not like. If we work together on this, we stand a better chance of salvaging these losses.

7) If an item is totally not Hazmat and FBA restricts you from sending it because of “Hazmat Review.”, opening cases and calling up explaining how it’s not Hazmat will expedite your case.

8) Please post all Amazon Vendor / Express issues in Vendors chat on Telegram. (Telegram can also be downloaded from app stores.)

9) seems like a rouge RO to me. They ask you for information and pretend they will remove the complaint if you work with them. They never do.


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