Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All.

1) If you receive this message while suspended:

“We are still reviewing your account. We will send you an email when we finish the review.”

This means: ”You are in the game”. I think now it’s best to wait for the result. This means different things depending on how you arrived at this point. Unless you’re very experienced in dealing with suspensions, it’s best to wait it out, even if it takes a few weeks. If you’re active and you suddenly get this message, that could mean bad news may be coming. In this case, review your last invoices you sent for inauthentic as that may be driving it.

2) If you’re receiving RO takedowns that you know is just selective distribution (meaning they do not want you selling on Amazon because you’re not “authorized”), you need to consistently and clearly try to dispute it. There is no magic bullet here as strategies that work for one seller will not work for others. If you’re persistent and clear, you stand a chance.

3) I spoke with Seth from Just1Dime. It can be viewed on the ASGTG website.
justoneDime Website 

Discussed with Seth.

  • Why a dime?
  • How did you go from a dime to $100,000 and then on to more than $1,000,000 in less than two years?

4) Two-step verification has to be enabled. You only have to do it once per device, and it isn’t a hassle.

5) TIP:  When attempting to contact a customer who left a negative product review and opted out from receiving messages, you can still reply directly to the review. They WILL get a notification from Amazon that there was a reply to their review.

6) Tip from an ASGTG diehard: Avoid repetitions by using hyphenated keywords: Two words connected by a hyphen cover all possible combinations and the individual words at the same time. For instance, the keyword “anti-aging” covers “anti”, “aging”, “anti-aging”, and “antiaging”. Furthermore, you don’t have to distinguish between singular and plural forms as both will be included in the search automatically.

7) Many sellers received this even if they are not VC or VE suppliers.

Greetings from Amazon Direct Fulfillment, Your direct fulfillment warehouse CIKO has been missing the Ship Method Mismatch (SMM) target for the past several weeks. Please investigate the root cause and take immediate corrective actions, as continued misses can lead to suspensions. ……..To avoid ship method mismatch: Please make sure you are shipping only with the shipping method Amazon has provided. …..

This was a glitch, disregard.

8) Amazon sent a performance notification Flag telling sellers about Prime Day (July 11). This is not a warning in any way. You should not be concerned that the Flag was on.

9) If you rent a UPS shipping label printer, you can order unlimited shipping labels for FREE since you are leasing the printer (HT JL)

10) Please stick to the pinned rules in DEALS Telegram group 

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos!


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