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Hello All.

1. Please remember, “Sellers are solely responsible for their account, their account access, and actions taken on their behalf. Further, the infringement reporting form at Amazon found here. It’s very clear about infringement reporting. Sellers and anyone acting on their behalf are responsible for any reports that are submitted.”

If you have infringements filed on your behalf and they are incorrect, SP will ferociously suspend your account with no chance of appeal even if you are the largest seller on Amazon. If the item does not have a mfr warranty for some sellers, that is NOT a TM violation. Certainly, those should not be enforced by sellers or on their behalf.

2. I am working on Seller Account Monitoring with SellerWit. Please visit the following link for more details. In addition to standard metrics, will include checking for TM words, brands that file RO complaints, restrictive ingredients, etc. This is a work in progress, but the goal is to limit suspensions. (use ASGTGMONITOR 20% off)

3.  It is best to stay away from a VOIP phone number as your main Amazon account. Not going to hurt you alone but can add to other account concerns issues that can altogether hurt you.

4. From a concerned ASGTG member.

“Please let people know that any brand under KAO Brands will be restricted. They fall under this warning: Notice of Intellectual Property Rights Infringement. These brands include; JERGENS, GOLDWELL, BIORE, JOHN FRIEDA, CUREL, KMS  MOLTON BROWN, GUHL, BAN, WEIMAN (even eBay)”

5.Active Rights Owners

1)Bryan Bornmueller,
2) Ellen Reilly, (seems false)

6.There seems to have been some kind of a major Epson / Canon Toner sweep.

7.If you are looking for persuasive/ custom template content, which will lead to a higher review conversion rate. Contact: Note: you must have feedback service software. (EDs note, make sure it’s compliant)

8. NEW!!!! “In an effort to reduce keyword abuse, Amazon recently reduced the number of characters allowed in Search Terms/Generic Keywords to around 250 (this is for all keywords combined).
If the search terms for an ASIN exceed this amount, all search terms for that ASIN will be suppressed (with the exception of those in the title). Amazon only allows 250 characters in generic keywords.

Below are some tips that can help you in selecting your keywords:
* Keep it short. Use a small number of keywords to keep within the prescribed character limit of 250 characters (including punctuation, minus spaces).

*Do not include keywords that are not descriptive of the product. For example, do not include competitors’ brand names, unrelated product types or general descriptions of related products.

*Hidden keywords are not visible to the customer. Most relevant content should be placed in visible attributes that customers can see (e.g. title, product description, bullet-point, brand) instead of the hidden keyword attribute. “

10. Submit a tip to ED anonymously! and I will investigate.

11. If friends want to join the TG groups, send them this link. http://tg-imported.loc/telegram-sign-up/

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos!


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