Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All,

1) Some recent Seller Performance notifications are not going into the notification section. Please make sure to monitor the main email account for important messages. The issue of the subject having the wrong message (i.e., “Your privileges have been removed” or “Notice inquiry”) and then the body saying something else has gotten worse. Only the message in the body is what counts. “They” are not sending subliminal messages, sending a warning shot nor are they trying to scare you. It’s simply a technical issue.

2) Sellers cannot relist items that were blocked for any reason unless reinstated. If an RO filed a complaint and you feel it’s not legitimate, you need to obtain retraction or reinstatement from the notice team. Relisting and relisting a blocked listing is a very serious offense and has gotten sellers suspended.

3) From a concerned ASGTG member. “Sellers that were ungated in Fitbit, Amazon has blocked sending in additional Fitbit items to FBA pending re-approval, and it seems they have toughened up their Invoice requirements. See email from Amazon after submission of solid invoice:

4) “Hello, We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we have decided that you may sell on again. Also, it has been determined that the hydrocortisone product(s) in question is permitted. Please note that it may take 1-2 business days for the product(s) to be available on the website. In our efforts to protect our community, we sometimes err on the side of caution.” For restricted products, if you are sure it should not be restricted, you can have it overturned with a case and good evidence. Do not relist because “you’re sure its OK.”

5) Suspended accounts that get reinstated are being blocked mistakenly from Multi-Channel Fulfillment. I think this is a glitch and emailing SP and opening cases is what clears it.

6) “Hello from Amazon, We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog: This product has been identified as containing shark cartilage or other shark ingredients. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on Amazon of products that contain shark cartilage or other shark ingredients.” NEW.

7) I am thinking of Jan 30 for next ASGTG annual event. If there are any concerns, please reach out. Oct 4, in Brooklyn, is a small ASGTG mastermind workshop with 5 hours of Kevin King.  This is for serious Amazon sellers.

8) “We received your email about a seller contacting you in an attempt to manipulate prices. An attempt by a seller to manipulate prices violates our policies. Please review the pricing policies here. “ NEW.

9) “Provide us with a more detailed plan that explains how you will ensure that no Confederate flag merchandise and enhanced kubotans are listed on your account in the future.” NEW

Good Shabbos, Ed Rosenberg


  • Anthony says:

    Hi. I’m new to the group and loving the content.

    Quick question, when you state above in #3, “See email from Amazon after submission of solid invoice:”, what do you mean? Is there a section within Seller Central to search for that or is it somewhere inside of your site? Thanks.

  • Thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

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