Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All

1) “This product has been identified as a product containing boric acid that makes pesticide claims but is unregistered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Products containing boric acid that make pesticide claims and are unregistered with the EPA are prohibited from sale and listing on Amazon”. Amazon has been enforcing Restricted Products. If you get a warning, please delete the listing.

2) “I’m a member of the Amazon Proactive Customer Abuse and Protection team.” Yes, another team!

3) With Yom Tov coming up, EZ Cloud’s Auto-Responder can maintain your account metrics by responding to Amazon, Walmart, and eBay messages. They also offer the FREE Shabbos mode software to turn off sales on Shabbos.  Contact:, text/call  3159256830  mention ASGTG for discount. (sponsored)

4) “The documentation you provided does not sufficiently address the product authenticity complaints about your listings below”.

This is a new convoluted way of saying the invoice is not accepted.

5) There was another massive product review sweep. 1000s of more reviews have been removed. I do not know for sure, but I think many reviews will be put back once the fake ones are removed.

6) Many sellers are stating that they are being forced to use their Amazon stickered barcodes – In other words, they not allowing comingled inventory items they previously allowed.

7) On Review abuse suspensions, they sometimes calculate the 21 days wrong and give you the wrong day for reinstatement. The actual date is a full 21 days from the suspension. The date they give you within the 21 says is sometimes off by 2 full days.

8) Please remember to diversify your business while you still can. This is the horrible story of an ASGTG seller that is still suspended.  Contrast this to the links on the notes and outright fraud sellers are still active.

9) “We have escalated this case to our internal team for the physical check and they informed us that “the products do not have EU address on it, hence it has not been reinstated. Kindly ask the seller to create the removal order from these units” NEW in the UK.

10) “We have received an A-to-z Guarantee claim of $XX.XX for an unreceived package on Order XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX. …..You currently do not need to take any action while our team investigates the claim, but we may reach out to you during our investigation, in which case we hold you accountable to respond within three calendar days. ……………………” HT BL

Good Shabbos, Ed Rosenberg


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