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Hello All,

1) There seems to be a wave of suspensions on ASIN variation misuse, listing generic items as branded and fair pricing policy. If you receive a notification, please make sure you understand and fix the issue, even if they are not asking for a POA. Do not assume if its “quiet for a while” the issue is no longer an issue as eventually, you will get in trouble.

2) Many sellers are getting notifications where Amazon is asking to review your listing and then allows you to self-relist. Please read the notifications carefully. This is a warning that there is “trouble brewing” with your listing and you need to fix it or nix it. If you feel it’s a fluke and the listing and item are ok, you can self-relist.

3) Joel Wolh, a very active member of ASGTG, will be giving a live presentation for ASGTG members on” How to Run Profitable Amazon Ad Campaigns.” This presentation is free. Registration required.  (sponsored)

4) “We are writing to let you know that we are conducting a review of the brand listed at the end of this email. We are taking this action because we want to ensure the authenticity of the products sold against this brand. To complete our review of this brand, please directly reply to this email and send the following information to
XXXXXXXX within seven days of receiving this notification. Failure to do so will result in your offer being removed.
Please know that this review does not necessarily reflect poorly on you or your seller account. We are conducting a review of this brand as part of our commitment to ensuring that customers can always buy with confidence on Amazon.”

This is for Adidas, Sony, and other brands. Amazon is not mentioning ASINS and I’m not sure what’s behind this. It could be you received complaints against those brands, and now they require approval.

5) Fair Pricing Policy is explained here.  On the recent suspension wave, it was generally for charging more per unit when a multi-pack was created in a variation. If you create a separate listing for each multi-pack, you can still violate this policy by charging more per unit when they are in a bundle.

6) If your filter does not allow TG or you are not on the groups for any other reason, you will find the email search feature super valuable. This feature allows you to search all the groups via email query. Then you will get an email back with the results of anytime the term was mentioned in ASGTG. Very useful to see if a brand is going to be aggressive. You can also get the days posts from the resource groups (HR, DEALS, etc.) emailed to you. If you want ALL groups emailed of the day’s posts, sign up and then email me back requesting this. Sign up here.

7) “The steps you will periodically take to ensure that similar issues will not repeat” NEW!!!

8) ASGTG deals group  sold millions of $ worth of goods that cannot be sold on Amazon for various reasons (i.e., suspended, no approval, etc.). Please try to put the sales rank or even better, add to ASINscout marketplace. Click here to add your deals.  Then post a link on deals group with the reason your selling. This saves the potential buyer time to see if its worth exploring further.

9) ASIN variation schemes and abuse is extremely serious. Amazon has been aggressively suspending sellers that are involved in this form of gaming the system. As always, Amazon has been finding and suspending sellers for this and on occasion even seizing the funds for repeated abuse. As always, you will not outsmart “them”.

10) Almost halfway sold out already for Oct 4th (annual ASGTG event is Jan 30th. Details to follow). The mastermind event is geared to very advanced Amazon sellers. 


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