Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All,

1. “Your listings have been removed from our site. We arrived at this decision because we were unable to verify information related to your seller account, including your selling history and listings.” This happens if you’re considered a risky seller, for a variety of reasons. It can be that the country your logging into or items you’re selling (if they are high risk) or any combination of these.

2. I spoke with Mike from PPC Entourage about their strategies to optimize PPC and product campaigns.

3. The vat tax: The Flat Rate Scheme essentially cuts the 20% VAT rule down to 7.5% for online retail (Amazon, eBay etc). You can use this scheme until your turnover breaches £230,000 over an annual period. Once this happens, you will be removed from the scheme and will have to operate under the standard rules. (HT James from Avask & YR)

4. Sellers have asked about funding. Naftali, from offers business loans/lines of credit with “the lowest terms on the market”. You can easily apply for a business line of credit online.   You can call, Text or WhatsApp 786-489-0582 or email for information.

5. ASIN  variation misuse: You generally cannot create a 2 pack if the company does not sell the item that way. For example, if you pack 2 HP toners and call that a variation, you will probably get caught for variation misuse eventually.

6. If you buy batteries in bulk and package them, you need to at a minimum clarify on the listing that item does not come in full retail packaging

7. This is new:

We are writing to let you know we have removed your selling privileges, canceled your listings, and placed a hold on any funds in your seller account. Any new selling accounts you open will be closed. Our Credit Operations team has found a higher than normal rate of pricing errors for your inventory that resulted in inflated reimbursement values. Due to this pattern, we have suspended your account.

8. Skubana is offering ASGTG members 50% off their upcoming event, on Nov. 2nd. Register for Accelerate in NY  using code ASGTG.

9. FBA is now waiving new removal-order fees for inventory that’s currently in U.S. fulfillment centers. You can remove inventory to avoid the upcoming increase in storage fees. You can post inventory you’d like to liquidate in the Deals TG group. (The group is now over 1200 Sellers) To join the deals group, enter your email in this form. 

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