Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All

1. A long-term suspended seller wrote an open letter calling out Amazon on how it treats legitimate sellers. Exclusive Conversation with that seller; The mass gating of YSL, Armani, Tom Ford may have been an error.; ASGTG Summer NYC event two months away. Would love to see you as it will be another great show with all new speakers.

2. Amazon’s sloppy response to open letter? “Your documents should be able to trace your products to the original manufacturer even if you did not purchase them directly from the xoriginal manufacturer. This may require requesting additional invoices or supply chain documentation from your supplier if you are not sourcing directly from the manufacturer.”

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4. This is unconfirmed but likely accurate. Amazon is deprecating the Anything in the Buy Box feature in about two weeks – So there is no need to keep leveraging that self-service task. These are items near the buy box.

5. There have been myriads of transparency issues in which legitimate items with codes still receive inauthentic issues because of missing transparency codes.

6. Amazon rolled out across the board the feature of returning ALL returns to FBA back to the seller (Under settings / FBA).

7. Reinstated on good faith? “After careful review, your ability to create inbound shipments and removals has been *reinstated on good faith.* The suspension action was taken because the same serial number was used in multiple reimbursement claims.”

8. “Your supplier or supplier’s supplier should have a strong web presence that can be verified through government sources, such as a business or tax registration number, if applicable, or other credible third-party sources such as official brand websites or business directories.”

9. I predict an August Surprise on fees to be announced by the suits.

10. Sell on Amazon worry-free. ASGTG team will look after your Account Health Rating by appealing all compliance issues that come up. High success rate & top-notch team.

Wishing You A Great Weekend, ED Rosenberg Voice of the Seller


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