Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All

1. L’oreal started selling on Amazon themselves; A 10-Year Seller Suspended for Bogus Restricted Violation; The OTP google issue seems to have been solved; ASGTG Summer NYC Event in full swing. Sponsorships; More Amazon Vendor accounts are getting suspended due to inactivity ; Amazon is sending compliance requests for watches?

2. “The Amazon Brand Experience team is inviting leading brands like yourselves to a focus group discussion. We would like to understand your current product development journey and hear from you about the challenges you face during ideation, design, launch, and growth of your hero product selection on Amazon.”

3. Ready for Q4? Dominate the Season with Winning E-Commerce Strategies from 1K+ Brands. Stay at the forefront of e-commerce industry trends and brand sentiments with Feedvisor’s sixth annual e-marketplace report — an in-depth analysis of the business strategies of over 1,000 brands and private labels for Q4 and beyond. Download now to make informed decisions and refine your business strategies for sustained success in the second half of 2024. (Sponsored)

4. “We have taken this measure because this account has been used for the following abusive activities: — To attempt to or to circumvent the Amazon sales process.“

5. Versace, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent becoming gated?

6. Priceless Info. Listing Optimization BEFORE launching.

7. “You have provided an Amazon order confirmation or an Amazon invoice with 10 units. You must provide an order confirmation or an Amazon invoice that includes at least 50 units of brand XXXXX products.”

8.  “Upon further investigation, we are sad to inform you that your ASIN XXX has violated product safety regulations and it cannot be relisted. We would like to inform you a brief about Product safety since you are a seller on our platform.”

9. Yikes!! “We have taken this measure because this account has been used for the following abusive activities: — IP Infringement – Counterfeit — Variation abuse — Providing inaccurate information to Amazon or our customers — Failed supplier verification(s)”

10. “We took these actions because you have provided compliance documentation to Amazon that appears to be forged or manipulated. We have confirmed with the 3rd party issuing body that the following document(s) provided to Amazon have been altered or modified from the original document(s), or have not been issued from this agency.”

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