Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1. There is some illegal variation crackdown where Amazon warns on an ASIN and then suspends the account; They also seem to be breaking up legit variation listings with no warning or notification, though this is an issue for months; The suits are more strongly enforcing feature offers, (buy Box) flagging any outside website; Product Development With AI, ⁠Using AI Assistants, ⁠Prompt Engineering July 31 NYC ASGTG

2. There is also a major crackdown on returns FROM FBA reimbursements if they suspect you’re not accurately creating claims on damaged items from the FBA warehouse. Never use the same image for two returns, even if it’s the same SKU. They seem to be looking to suspend for this.

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4. “Amz seems to be blocking all west cost FC even when splitting shipment up to 5 locations.”; Poll on Current Seller Sentiment.

5. This is another warning on the FBA Inbound Placement fee misdirection.

6. “Note: There is no path to reinstatement for the asin(s) as it is making prohibited disease claims on the product label.”

7. Tucker did a powerful interview with An Amazon seller and sellers are starting to tag him on the escalations.

8. Tip from a concerned ASGTG seller “The weather is nice now , offer your employees space to eat outside and enjoy the weather get some sun and appreciate you as a team leader !”

9.” Amazon is NOT backing down on fees and confirmed the June 1 Returns Processing Fee is going into affect June 1.

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