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Hello all

1️⃣ Quite a few sellers reported listings that had their product category changed and SP is slowish to correct. I started a snap group on the many recent false positive related account suspensions as SP is being quite stubborn & frankly ridiculous. The brand re-approval team has been much friendlier reinstating almost all larger sellers that were recently blocked from brands or subcategories (i.e. topicals). There continues to be a high amount of drop- shipping suspensions.

2️⃣ Last Friday many Sellers reported sharp decreases in their storage limits after weeks of steady increases; More Service providers have lost their API access. Join MWS group to remain compliant; SP had lots of template errors and bugs in their communication this week often not selecting the issue when emailing sellers

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4️⃣ “We received your request to close your account. Once a seller may no longer sell on the site, it effectively closes the account. Sincerely, Seller Performance Team. “

5️⃣ Andy being groomed when JeffB is emailed “My name is XXXXX , and I’m a member of the Executive Seller Relations Team. Jeff Bezos/Andy Jassy received your email and requested that our team respond on his behalf.”

6️⃣ “Because you have not used your European marketplace(s) seller account for. continuous period of at least two (2) years and six (6) months, the European marketplaces are now inactive. In order to protect our customers, we deactivate. accounts that have been inactive for extended periods.”

7️⃣ This is for ungating issues where they now mention the file name of the document they are referring to. “You have provided an invalid. We are unable to accept retail receipts, online order confirmations, packing slips, sales orders, pro-forma invoices, or sales quotes for approval. To proceed, provide an invoice from a manufacturer or distributor reflecting the itemized list of goods purchased and the terms of sale.”

8️⃣ “We understand you are having issues with adding a product. After further investigation we have found that you were facing error due to a tech glitch, which has been resolved now.”

9️⃣ New group: Canadian based Sellers. Entire ASGTG platform. I recently cleaned house in the FB group removing many spammers and VA’S giving templated answers.

🔟 “Have your listings been removed in error? If you have never sold or listed the product, please reach out to us and tell us.”

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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