Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All. (Welcome Back)

1. Issamar Ginzberg will also be at the ASGTG event on April 27th. . Its turning out to be quite a lineup with the possibility of some current Amazon account reps showing up as well. Kevin King, one of our featured speakers, was the star at a recent 10K$ a ticket seller event so it’s quite an honor to have him (see event link for what specifically he will cover). The following vendors will be there. ListingMirror, SellerEngine, Ecomengine, Feedvisor, AR&E (Tuvia), WorldwideSourcing, WorldFirst,Voldico (Suspension Insurance), MamageByStats, SilverStreak (DHL shipping), RefundsManager, Xsellco, A-Z Returns, TeikaMetrics, TopHatter, Simplex (links on bottom of evite).

Our very own Ray Berman will be moderating the workshop 1-4. If you sell on Amazon and understand the landscape you know it’s quite an historical occurrence to have all of this in Brooklyn, NY. Attendance encouraged even if “shows not my thing” and you know Amazon “inside out”. The presentations will be in a separate (stunning) room so you’re not forced to listen to someone or anyone if you’re not interested.

2. Quite a few more accounts have been hacked so please make sure you turn on 2 step verification or keep checking to make sure your bank account is accurate. If you cannot log in, check if your items are still active as Amazon sometimes locks your log in but not necessarily the account. When this happens, see if you have another user login (like from a consultant) and you can have some access that way. You can also try calling Amazon as a buyer and you may get the login restored quicker that way. If your whole account is locked, you need to escalate everywhere because once the funds are disbursed to a fraud account, it’s not easily reversed (email SP and every contact you have in Amazon). Amazon has clearly been reacting to the rash of hacks and there have been some false positives by locking non-hacked accounts. Amazon (IMO) seems to have been caught off guard and they are in no rush to reinstate what they think is a hacked account, even if it’s not.

3. These brands will soon be restricted in UK
Tommy Hilfiger -Movado- Hugo Boss Orange – Hugo Boss- Lacoste
Ebel- Concord- Juicy Couture- Scuderia Ferrar

4. This is new language in response to an inauthentic complaint “We appreciate your efforts to comply with our selling policies. We have updated your account with the information that you provided. The complaint was reversed.
Sincerely,” (HT YS)

5. Please always email me new SP language as it helps me identify new trends and directions within SP which I then post here with the group.

Ed Rosenberg / (spreadsheet now on site)


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