Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All.

1. When a Rights Owner claims counterfeit – Amazon sometimes asks for invoices. The invoices may be enough to get you reinstated (not the asins) as claiming counterfeit can be disproven with good invoices. Trademark is very different and invoices don’t really show you’re not violating a trademark. Also, I may have some insight into RO complaints where the RO is not mentioned. I’m not 100% yet but if you’re in that situation, reach out to me.

2. This is relatively new on counterfeit rights owner notifications.” In addition, if you have FBA inventory of these items, they may be destroyed at your expense. “

3. This is new on blocked ASINs. “Describe the steps how you have dealt with current inventory for eradicating such issues”. I think they want to hear that you reviewed all current inventory and can confirm there are no more “used” or similar issues.

4. The Messages blocked emails that I referenced in last post has stopped which is a good thing (HT YR)

5. There have been more VAT suspensions in the UK so if you’re not registered and doing a significant amount of FBA your probably on borrowed time right now. If you get an email from HMRC, do not respond to them. Contact AVASK or someone like them.

6. As I mentioned previously, if a seller is not part of the TG groups or at least summary emails, your chances of running into issues with Amazon increases many times. It is obvious the difference in talking with suspended sellers who is and who is not. If you know someone selling and you care about them, I strongly suggest they join and not refer them to me when they are already suspended who then ask questions like “what’s a rights owner and who do I email?”. OR make statements like “I think Amazon kicked me off because I started competing with them and they can’t buy direct”.

7. If you sell DW watches, please PM me. I need to inform you about something.

8. Here is an old video on how to deal with Yom Tov for MF orders if you plan on shiping Chal Hamoed.

9. Amazon is much more likely to call suppliers when requesting brand or category approvals compared to a SP invoices.

10. Totally looking forward for April 27th in Brooklyn. The presentations are going to be done well in a very nice setting with top unique and useful presentations. The vendors who will be at the event are on the bottom of the e-vite and will post here after YT.

Wishing everyone around the world a Chag Kasher V’sameach


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