Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1. Some large sellers are saying that the shipment splits are causing chaos in their warehouses in addition to the extra fees. Amazon delayed the FBA inbound defect fee, the second fee increase they are delaying (low inventory fee). Suits were in a decent mood this week, reinstating many ASINs and some accounts and even apologizing. This seller has been waiting nine years to regain control of their UPC.

2. Jassy: “We have a great relationship with sellers.”. ASGTG Poll disagrees.

3. “There are a lot of golden nuggets that you can get out of the challenge that will definitely be helpful, and I’ve seen results within a few days of applying those recommendations.”-Stephanie B. Amazon Seller & Profitable PPC Framework Participant. By Friday of next week, your PPC campaigns can be profitable. Install the Profitable PPC Framework into your brand live directly with Chris Rawlings of Sophie Society. 38 seats remaining as of 9 AM this morning. (sponsored) 

4. “We are writing to let you know that certain units of inventory from ASIN(s): XXXXX were unfulfillable in our fulfillment centers because the serial number barcode was unscannable on the product.”

5. “Selling Partner Support team has several departments related to specific Selling Partner concerns, platforms and services and act as the primary point of contact for our Selling Partners. By going through Selling Partner Support directly, we can ensure your contact gets to the most appropriate team. While we do understand that some of the process can take some time, we must ask that you continue to follow this channel for support.”

6. I had a great conversation with an experienced importer and member of ASGTG on how to 7X your cost.

7. “In order to protect our customers, we prefer to be extremely cautious. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

8.“This product has been identified as a biohazard bag that is not labeled or packaged as required by Health Canada’s Medical Device Regulations. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale of medical devices that are not properly labeled with English-French bilingual labeling and core labeling elements such as: the name of the device , the name and address of the manufacturer, the device identifier, and the directions for use.”

9. “Though this may seem unfair and may also be a potential loss to you , we reserve the right to make case-by-case exceptions and accept returns for units fulfilled through FBA that may be outside these guidelines. ” “While we understand that you are at a loss in this situation, this is one of the risks while doing online business.”

10. New email address

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