Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1. On March 18, amazon sent an email that on May 17, the brand Too Faced would no longer be allowed to be sold. As of April 13, on most of the catalog, Amazon changed the release date to May 29, which removed these items from being searchable and buyable by customers. According to sellers, this bad behavior was also done on Clinique and Smashbox.

2. Adidas has been re-gated for many, even those that just recently were approved.

3. Avoid surprises from Amazon’s storage fees with Feedvisor’s Inventory Optimization guide, providing sellers with essential tips and tricks to protect their profits. Feedvisor’s Associate Director of Customer Success shares key tips and tricks directly from the guide — including expert strategies to avoid costly fees, prevent inventory pitfalls, and safeguard your earnings. Download the Guide (Sponsored)

4. “The units are quarantined as per authorities request, the units will remain under quarantine until legal completes their review. Once a legal judgement is made the units will be actioned accordingly. We are yet to receive an SLA for the quarantine.”

5. If large chunks of your FBA inventory move to FC processing, trouble is brewing, likely related to an unsuitable investigation.

6. “Sellers on are not allowed to list items against detail pages for different products. This includes versions of the product that are intended for other countries.

7. I had a great conversation with Britton from Perci on AI advances in listing creation.

8.There were many complaints of Amazon reps not making scheduled interviews, and then Amazon decided to keep the funds for not passing verification.

9. This is new . An option to select I do not maintain proper invoices.

10. Thank you, ZebraDesign, for the ASGTG redesign.

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