Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All

1. “Not eligible to be the Featured Offer due to uncompetitive price” seems misguided and widespread. It is happening to PL sellers; Thats Mr. Jeff Bezos to you, sir; No change in the section 3 unsuitable suspensions; I announced all speakers at the July 31 ASGTG Powered by AI event.

2. The “Deleted and abandoned shipments” fees that were waived are relatively large, and you will have to pay them starting now; Low Inventory fees adjusted.

3. Time is Ticking: Prime Day Deadlines Are Already Here: With consumers becoming ever more price-conscious, integrating Prime Day deals into your business strategy isn’t just effective — it’s imperative for stimulating demand and boosting profits. Get a head start on crafting and choosing Prime Day deals with Feedvisor’s Prime Day Prep: Key Dates and Deals for Amazon’s Mega Event. Download it now (Sponsored)

4. Some sellers using Google Voice are reporting that they are not receiving OTP to log in

5. A suggestion to the suits for the new RO dispute form.

6. An ASGTG seller received a response to do a bin check from over two years ago.

7. If you cannot get a video call for an interview, try changing the language to Spanish.

8. They are questioning sellers with multiple accounts on video calls, so please ensure you are prepared with the appropriate answers or accounts loosely connected to you.

9. “An Account Health Support representative claimed in a call a few days ago that Amazon conducts test buys to confirm compliance with the Amazon Drop shipping policy.” If anyone can confirm this, please let me know.

10. Adidas, Nike, and Disney were being gated and ungated with no clear pattern.

Wishing You A Great Weekend, ED Rosenberg Voice of the Seller


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