Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

1. I saw this in a post in SC forums “In the UK (and Europe, in general), Amazon has split the payments side into a separate company. That is because the payments need to follow similar rules to credit card processing accounts and has very specific anti-money laundering requirements that are like those for the banks. This is different than in the US. Basically, to receive payments, you are using Amazon payments services.”

“Amazon Payments” signs off a lot on SP emails in Europe. This is significant because when Amazon suspends for this “your desired use of Amazon Payments may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy or User Agreement, which you have accepted when registering with Amazon Payments.” – This is just a generic suspension and there is no point racking your brain trying to find a common denominator between all these suspensions. You need to try to find the original cause of suspension. This has nothing to do with accepting “Amazon payment” on your web site, which of course you didn’t. It just means you violated some policy and they decided to suspend you.

2. I spoke to Ashlin D Hadden who is offering Amazon Sellers Suspension insurance


Discussed with Ashlin:
1:15 A short bio and how it works
4:14 What constitutes a good seller?
6:45 Who makes the final decision on a good/bad seller?
9:40 “They are the best in the business” “They know what they’re doing”
16:00 Gross or net?
19:53 Custom insurance plans for large companies?
25:20 “What are you charging for the million dollar coverage?”

3.There have been some more confirmed Fake Rights Owner emails being sent out. In other words, sellers gets a RO complaint and the RO confirms 100% that this was not sent. Amazon of course tells you to contact , but results may vary when you do that.

4. World First is making a free event in Brooklyn For Amazon Sellers on Feb 23rd.

5. “This is a welcome email from Amazon’s Premium Performance Support team. My name is XXXX and I am a designated Performance Manager and will be looking after your account’s performance metrics.” These emails started a while ago but have been increasing for more sellers – not a bad thing

6. I’m arranging a ASGTG ½ day advanced hands on PL workshop in Brooklyn , Thursday Mar 2. This is for the person actually managing / marketing listings.

This is in addition to the big event Aptil 27th

7. This is a new line “We previously sent you notices of your violations via email”. They do this when they send you a generic suspension notice typically for “inauthentic’

8. “Your selling privileges were removed on another account that has a recurring negative balance. As a result, you may not sell on Amazon with this account. Your offers have been removed and a temporary hold has been placed on the funds from your sales.” Amazon will lose 1 million$ to collect 1$ they owed. Small outstanding balances should always be paid.


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