Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Many sellers are having issues with Rayban sunglasses. It could be because there are actual knockoffs in the marketplace and customers are quick to call any hitch with an order a “FAKE”. Make sure you have invoices to back up those sales because you will be asked for them at one point or another.

Recently on Amazon, if a FBM seller offers 2-day shipping, (even for a huge extra charge of $30 for the shipping itself) and a FBA seller is back-ordered, then the FBM seller will get the buy box. Amazon started giving the buy box based on how fast it can get to the buyer even when its FBM vs FBA backorder (HT SF)

I saw an email from in regards to Toners and authenticity from SP.

This is a great way to locate Scam Sellers. (HT JB)

For Patents – SP uses one of 2 languages.

a) We received a report from a rights owner that the items at the end of this email infringe their utility patent rights.

b) We are contacting you because we received a report of patent infringement. Sellers on are not allowed to create listings or detail pages that infringe third-party patents.

On B they say “We consider intellectual property infringements a serious matter, and your account is under review. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may not allow you to sell on”

on A, no such language. It could be when it’s a utility patent its treated less severe.

Do not send zip files to SP. I saw this message on an account – “Please note we don’t open ZIP files, due to safety.” (pdf, .doc totally fine)


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