Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

1. Our website is now live. The site will make it easier to keep all resources in one place (videos, shared resources spreadsheet, groups, blog posts, events). Please do not forget April 27th in Brooklyn , ASGTG event

2. Many sellers are aware that changing bank accounts, especially in the UK can cause you to be suspended. After seeing dozens of these cases, I’m pretty sure that it’s not the change that does it. It’s likely the change causes someone to look at your account and they can suspend you for something they don’t like. In other words, it would have happened anyways.

3. “We are currently reviewing your account as concerns about their authenticity for the following articles. We would like to solve this problem together with you and complete our review.” Notice the “solve this problem together”.

4. Agent name: Lloyd Doyle Agent email: – this is fake Rights Owner as far as I can tell and seems to be making complaints against sellers without the consent of the companies.

5. If you send in an authorization letter that you’re an authorized dealer to sell a brand, and its forged, you will get blocked if they catch you. (They will know)

6. “Hello,
We understand that you may have misused our best seller rank feature by using another account to purchase products in bulk to improve your sales rank. Sellers on are not allowed to misuse our best seller rank feature by requesting or accepting orders in this way.” – This showed up.

7. “Unfortunately, we are unable to accept the “Online Invoices” that you provided. We only accept invoices from supplier as valid documentation.” – This even if you show Amazon invoices it seems

8. You need a major credit card when you sell on SC, debit or prepaid won’t work.

9. Prosper Show is in 2 weeks. James Thomson is giving anyone in ASGTG a $50 voucher at the HAIFA Restaurant.

10. We can meet informally Wednesday night if there is interest at restaurant –

Ah Freilichen Purim


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