Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

1. If you see this “Address SMDCR complaints” – This means Materially Different and Counterfeit rate (HT JN)

2. New Amazon Sellers – If a broker offers you an item with what seems like a great deal based on what’s it selling on Amazon, you need to know unless you buy the whole deal, that price will likely go down significantly. The value of the deal is based on the markup the broker is taking. If it’s a huge markup and you’re not the only one buying it, you could eventually lose money. Try to find out if the broker is dealing directly with the owner of the goods (HT RB)

3. ASGTG event keynote speaker#1 Kevin King, Group Event 4/27 – One of the most sought after Amazon sellers / speakers in the world (I did my research). In true ASGTG fashion, all speakers will be giving actual actionable tips to improve your Amazon selling.

4. If SP gives you 3 asins, and then at the end leave 3 dots (XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, …), that likely mean there are many others like this and they just chose 3 out of your inventory.

5. I have seen a lot of inauthentic / safety incidents with batteries, in particularly Duracell (not rights owner). I’m unsure if there is anything behind it.

6. I found this very interesting. It showed up on a UK account. “Our records show that you have created additional users with permission to manage returns on your behalf on your Amazon Payments account.

To improve security on your Amazon Payments account and in accordance with EU regulations, Amazon Payments Europe will need to verify the identity of all secondary users who have permission to manage returns on your behalf.”

7. This showed up in a SS ticket in response to 2 people using the same computer for 2 accounts. “If there was a concern with any activities occurring between your accounts, Seller Performance would advise of the issue, however this team takes many steps to verify account security through charge methods and other account settings to ensure that separate individuals are accessing Seller Accounts, regardless of potentially matching IP information on the back end.”

8. The Prosper Show is Next week Wed / Thurs. I will post interviews or anything interesting in events group. Includes 50$ voucher at Haifa restaurant. Informal meet up at Haifa around 7 Wed night.


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