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1) Brands have been filing patent complaints against sellers selling the actual authentic item of their brand. They seem to be doing this because Amazon has made it harder to file traditional trademark complaints for no reason. You can try to fight this with a letter to the brand or showing Amazon that you’re simply reselling an authentic item.

2) Newish “This product has been identified as an oral product that contains benzocaine. The FDA recommends that these products contain certain warnings on the Drug Facts label. Oral benzocaine products that do not have proper labeling are not allowed for sale on Amazon. If you believe your product is compliant with the recommendations made by the FDA, or if your product does not contain benzocaine, please upload an image of your product packaging to the detail page that clearly shows the Drug Facts label.” Expect Amazon to be stricter with supplement claims to make sure the labeling accurately represents the item as they are potentially liable for dangerous or incorrect ingredients.

3) I spoke with Briana from Tophatter about Hot Tophatter categories. (sponsored)
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Some topics discussed in the video:
A. What is the single most important thing sellers should be thinking about now?
B. How does Amazon prime day affect the other marketplaces?
C. How does a new marketplace deal with Fraud?
D. Where/ which categories does the most opportunity for sellers now?

4) “Thank you for your message. We cannot currently accept your appeal because we could not identify the report or account you are appealing for. Please ensure that you are using the email address registered on your seller account to submit this appeal. Provide the following information, in addition to the information provided in your original message, so we can process your appeal:”. This has been happening even though emails were sent from the correct e-mail address.

5) Aug 16 is the date when the new BSA kicks in. The biggest changes likely will be in Amazon giving more explanation for why an item or account is blocked. Thus far there has been almost no change, but likely the next few weeks will show major historical changes in communication with Seller Performance. Also, there have been some indications that Amazon will ease up on the unfair (and universally condemned) policy of holding money from sales of 3P sellers for non-counterfeit or other non-serious fraud cases.

6) The search@ is fantastic to find brands that give issues. It can also be used to see if an ASIN has had any discussion or was being offered for sale. Send an email with brand / asin or any text on the subject. The results are clickable which means you can find the exact place on the group where your issue was discussed and chime into the conversation, even if it took place years ago. To sign up to receive daily emails of the jobs, deals, etc. you can sign up for free (of course) at this link. 

7) Many new sellers that are trying to open accounts have complained that they email amazon with all information and they receive no response. They seem to be slow with responding and there likely is a mass backlog of new accounts that are not being answered.

8) Some sellers are receiving IP complaints with no emails or relevant information. You can try reaching out to the owner of the TM of the ASIN in question and ask them if they filed. You can also email notice and open a Sesu case asking for more information of who filed the complaints.

9) A seller received notice that Coach items will be gated though unclear if this was performance-based or a broader gating of Coach Products.

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